Juve’s title hopes were dashed as Milan took the initiative and Napoli waited for their opponents to make a mistake

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The 20201/22 Serie A football match was held in Italy on April 4.Inter milan beat Juventus 1-0 to pick up three crucial points after a thrilling game.Considering the overall situation of Serie A, inter milan’s 3 points may not help the team win the title, but they can stop Juventus’ progress and almost put a direct end to Juventus’ championship hopes.The Italian Derby was controversial but the result cannot be changed and Juventus must accept it.For Juventus, the key is to bounce back from the loss and secure their champions League place.Juventus are four points behind Inter milan, who have a game in hand, seven behind leaders Napoli and could be 10 points behind AC Milan by morning.With only seven league games remaining, juve have only a theoretical hope of winning the scudetto and are practically out of contention.Juventus are five points ahead of roma and seven ahead of Lazio, showing that Juventus are relatively secure in the top four.After failing to qualify for the last eight of the Champions League, Juventus’ schedule pressure has been greatly reduced and they are desperate to win the scudetto.However, the disappointment in the Champions League was followed by a loss in the league.It comes down to digging a hole so deep early in the season that there is no margin for error at this stage.Of course, Juventus have not been without merit this season, with the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final in front of them and their chances of reaching the final very high.Serie A’s top three teams have made mistakes so often that they have slowed down their progress, giving Juventus hope.Juventus have a history of playing well in Serie A, and all three contenders for the title are under pressure and getting a bit flustered.If the lead is overtaken by Juventus by so many points, winning the top three will be a joke.With the current round of inter milan to solve the problem, The threat of Juventus temporarily ended, the title situation finally secured.Serie A league standings: the championship three strong record difference is not big, the situation continues to glue, the situation is really bad to judge.AC Milan round of the game has not carried out, master the championship initiative.Before the mutual battle with Napoli win, AC Milan reversed the situation of Naples disadvantage, the probability of winning the championship over the opponent.For AC Milan, the opportunity is in their own hands, as long as they can grasp the opportunity, from the Serie A championship is closer.The next big thing was the coppa Italia semi-final against Inter milan, which was almost guaranteed.The three champions have all played each other, and now it’s all space.In terms of the schedule, inter have one less league game and a coppa Italia semi-final with AC Milan.Thus, inter Milan’s schedule is relatively more intensive.Inter’s coppa Italia clash with AC milan is followed by a clash with roma, which puts the pressure on their schedule.In this way, inter milan this round of struggle is very likely to do for others, the league title will have to redouble their efforts.Naples schedule is very easy, the next is a week, the opponent behind the basic is the middle of the team, this is a very good opportunity for Naples to take points.Overall napoli should pick up most of the points from behind, just waiting for the Milan duo to make a mistake.