Epidemic prevention and control drills to build a safe campus

2022-06-05 0 By

In order to improve the school’s epidemic prevention and control and emergency response capabilities, and ensure a safe, stable and orderly opening of the school, Dongfang Primary School in Guang ‘an District held an emergency drill for spring 2022.On the morning of February 16, teachers of Dongfang Primary School conducted an emergency drill on epidemic prevention and control under the leadership of Du Xianhui, chief commander of the drill.In this drill, all the students were played by teachers.First of all, Pu Xiaojun, deputy commander of the drill, led members of the epidemic prevention and control team to discuss the drill plan, arrange and deploy the drill activities, put forward the corresponding requirements and stressed the importance of the drill.Then, the drill deputy commander Pu Xiaojun announced the start of the drill, drill personnel in accordance with the plan, each position, strictly standardize the performance of post responsibilities.”Students” wear masks and queue up 1 meter apart at the entrance channel. Students pass the temperature detector in turn and enter the campus smoothly without any abnormalities.If any abnormal students are found, the security guards on duty shall promptly guide them to the observation room to receive psychological counseling and inspection by the staff on duty, disinfect them and report them according to the procedures.In the subsequent classroom emergency disposal drill, the teacher could quickly take the “student” with abnormal body temperature out of the classroom and report to the school leadership to deal with it quickly and accurately. After that, the classroom was disinfected and the Windows were opened for ventilation.The drill effectively improved the awareness of all teachers on epidemic prevention and control, further clarified the work flow of epidemic prevention and control in the school and the division of responsibilities of personnel. All departments mastered the emergency handling process in case of emergencies, improved the school’s emergency command and organizational support, and ensured that the epidemic prevention and control work was foolproof after the new semester began!(Pu Xiaojun, Zhou Wenhui)