Durant: Very surprised by Harden’s departure, he said before the trade deadline that he wouldn’t leave

2022-06-05 0 By

The NBA trade deadline has closed this season, and the league has seen as many as 10 trades, big and small, made overnight.Every team is also actively preparing for the second half of the season to strengthen and rebuild.The trade for Harden and Simmons was arguably the biggest deal of all, and the Lakers were ridiculed for their lack of success at the trade deadline.Rumors of Harden’s departure have been circulating for more than a month, with Harden, Nets coach Steve Nash and others saying the reports weren’t true.At the trade deadline, harden and Millsap were traded for Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond, and the next two first-round picks, bringing the circus to an end.The scene at this season’s all-star captain’s selection earlier today captured the imagination of fans.It was embarrassing for Harden, and a lot of fans were groaning, to see him get into James’ camp when no one chose him against Durant.After all, Durant, a former teammate, never had Harden on his team.When Durant was asked about harden’s trade, KD deadpanned and said he was excited about his team’s new lineup.After the selection, Durant responded positively to Harden’s departure.He said: “I was very surprised that he left because we spoke on the phone before the deadline and he told me that he would not leave the team, but the end result is that he lied to me.I don’t know why he changed his mind at the last minute.”Durant clearly didn’t understand harden’s departure, and judging by the selection, durant took it very seriously.The Nets didn’t lose much in the deal, however, as they got instant power, future draft picks, and a combination of Durant and Kyrie Irving and Simmons.Better than harden not wanting to play in the Nets.