CBA official announcement, liao Basket from the birth of the first person, 21 years old will be 4 years a game did not play

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The CBA officially announced that the first player to leave the Liaoning Basketball team was born, and the 21-year-old has not played a game in four years. We see that in the recent CBA is to re-announce the list of free agents, compared with the previous list, this list once again added a player, this is from liaoning men’s basketball Zhang Zongrui, I believe that for this player,Many of the familiar with the liaoning men’s basketball team fans is not strange, but he is also a relatively familiar stranger, why do you say that, Zhang Zongrui fame in the liaoning men’s basketball team in 19 years, at the age of 17, has been raised to cba, but in raising the liaoning team four years, he didn’t represent – played even a cba league,Last season, he was loaned to chong Qing of NBL League to play and train.But after we see through the baptism of the NBL league, he still hasn’t been able to like shanxi Gu Hao as a foothold in the cba, eventually – is also choose to give up the ownership of the Zhang Zongrui, let him become a restricted free agent, can go to look for buyers, for the 21-year-old Zhang Zongrui may be a new opportunity,However, it has to be said that he has not been able to play in the whole four years in Liaoban, and it is not easy to find a suitable job in the CBA in the future. After all, he did not play well in the NBL league last season, and this player is also a pity.In fact, he is also a kind of player that the CBA has focused on in recent years. He is a tall guard who can play from the no. 1 position to the no. 3 position, which is similar to Malick and Zhao Jinyang in the First team of Guangdong Men’s Basketball team this season.Both height and Zhang Zongrui is similar, the two men is height 1 meter 98, Zhang Zongrui is 99 m, is higher than the two of them 1 cm tall, from 1 to 3 is no problem, but the problem is now on the liaoning men’s basketball team at centre-back is actually the thickness is relatively large, like the three position needn’t Zhang Zongrui completely,Because now very young Zhang Zongrui is the core of the team in the future, and will be the main 3, a clump of tomorrow is also ushered in the outbreak of the season, plus Wu Changze can even go to guest to this place, and the three players are very, very young, so no. 3 in the world he is certainly not him, one bit ways we see Zhao Jiwei pg,The two players of a continuous stable output, so that the Liao Basket in the future 5-6 years is actually do not need to worry about the problem of the no. 1, do not forget that they have the Shandong team of High Shiyan, at the moment, Zhang Zongrui to be able to compete is a position of no. 2, this position is basically.First for a while in a foreign aid in liaoning, like now, in the case of the same like this and other chew and the thestrals yan hands, it can belong to a double, also can play 2 players, but in this case, in fact he is also appear to be embarrassed, so this season in Mr. Use bold and rotation rate under the condition of more energy,In fact – the position at the small forward just a little three personnel reserve is very rich, may to the liaoning men’s basketball team, the most important position, or 5 this position after Han Dejun leave, who will fill up is the location of the liaoning men’s basketball team is lacking, relative to the centre-back position – might not need too much.Anyway, also wish Zhang Zongrui can find a good position in the new club, after all, as previous rental liaoning defender actually played at his new club is very good, such as shanxi’s original handsome, don’t know Zhang Zongrui can’t like the original handsome, find a suitable for their own play their own basketball club.