Bianliang tourism | folk New Year’s Eve long live hill to celebrate the Great Song River’s lake years

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Huyue shenzhou significant wind, the Spring Festival auspicious vientiane new.After more than a month of careful preparation, the Grand Song Dynasty Martial Arts City in Kaifeng will open on February 1, the Spring Festival.As a national 4A level tourist attraction, Wanwan Mountain Song Swordsman City takes Song Swordsman culture as the core and creates an immersive theme park with the most traditional cultural characteristics.On the first day of the first month to 16 kaifeng Long live Mountain Song Dynasty Martial arts city scene is very lively, 100 performances, thousands of businessmen gathered, all kinds of fun, set intangible heritage folk, wonderful performances, stars in one!All previous Spring Festival celebrations have been reported by provincial, municipal and national media such as CCTV for many times and become a landmark activity of The Spring Festival tourism in Kaifeng.Now, although affected by the epidemic, Manwanshan is still magnificent and upgraded, and tries its best to provide extraordinary traditional folk experience for visitors and the general public, so that you can feel the strong flavor of the New Year when you visit the park.Spring Festival in the long live mountain, taste the heroic swordsman song dynasty.The Wuxia City of The Song Dynasty is dedicated to promoting the unique historical memory and cultural classics of Kaifeng.Walk in the street, accidentally will encounter “Wu Song” “Lu Zhisheng” “Guo Jing” “Huang Rong” and other people familiar with the river’s lake figures, but also to appreciate light kung, acrobatics, monkey opera and other performances, let a person through time and space feeling.Here, we can not only encounter Bao Zheng in “The Seven Knights and Five Righteousness”, but also see the heroes of water Margin “when they see the uneven road, draw out a knife to help”.The classic swordsmen performance of Manzai Mountain, through the superb performance of actors, superb martial arts, careful arrangement and high degree of reduction of the real scene, real artillery fire and brilliant reappearance of “boxing town kansai”, “three dozen Zhujiazhuang”, “snow mountain temple” and other “famous scenes”, panoramic, systematic display of the grand Song Dynasty swordsmen and all kinds of rivers and lakes.Spring Festival tour manzai Mountain, feel the rich Spring Festival atmosphere.Based on the folk customs of the Song Dynasty, Wanwan Mountain innovatively integrates many popular elements, making the coexistence of classicality and fashion, and jointly creating a rich New Year atmosphere.The gate of the scenic spot stands the auspicious festival door to welcome guests, hanging high red lanterns, colorful lanterns, the whole scenic spot is dressed up with flowers.Different series of lamp group modeling, not only beautiful and bright, the night of the long live mountain set off as “wuxia never night city”, but also a complete story about the “Yue Army”, “Yang will” song Dynasty national hero story.During the festival, not only in the scenic spot blow sugar-coated figurine, drawing sugar, magic lantern, performing various techniques of folk artists all over, can also learn and watch board pictures, paper cutting, such as intangible art, it is worth mentioning that the scenic spot “state-level non-material cultural heritage” night show “while the iron is hot flower”, being friends as visitor must clock in programming.Spring Festival tour manzai Mountain, experience the New Year new atmosphere.This Spring Festival opening, in addition to upgrading the landscape modeling, the Long live Mountain scenic area also re-transformed the music fountain and lighting effect of the ship square, presenting a more beautiful light and water show for visitors.In addition, also carefully choreographed a lot of large-scale live plays, “Make Flying Cloud pu” will show wu Song heroic image of loyalty;”Three Armies Parade” includes the heroes of Liangshan, Yue’s army and women generals of Yangmen, reappearing the heroic sentiments of the Song Dynasty one by one.Enjoy folk customs, spend a New Year, feel the Song Dynasty martial arts culture.Long live the charm of the mountain wish the world happy kangping world, tiger happy spring, invite you to roam wuxia never night city, celebrate the Song River’s lake years!Contribution: Kaifeng Long live Mountain Scenic area