What are the taxes included in administrative expenses?

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What are the taxes included in administrative expenses?Enter the tax that manage cost has: land value added tax, stamp duty to wait.Use duty of tax of original house property tax, car and ship, land to wait for use plan into the tax that manage charge plan into tax and additional, include the stamp duty that estate develops an enterprise, just land value added tax still did not change come over, still regard management charge as so (development charge) deduct.Management charge basically is the demand that sets 2 class course according to enterprise itself, set as follows detailed course commonly: fund of funds of salary, welfare fund, labor union, worker education fund, depreciation cost, business entertainment cost, tax, consultation cost, litigation cost, office cost, travelling expenses are waited a moment.Management fees subject knowledge management cost refers to the business unit to day-to-day operations of the expenses associated with unit management, such as business entertainment, welfare funds, union funds, five social insurance and one housing fund, research costs, tender, consulting fees, etc., these costs are borne by the units, and pay the fees, when calculating the total profits can deduct part.Enterprise should through the administrative expenses this course, the management of the enterprise cost accounting and carried forward and debit registration enterprise management fees, credit bank deposits or cash register, the final need to carry forward the profit and loss subjects included in the current year profit, and carry forward the final balance, after its accounting treatment for debit to profit this year and credit management cost.Management cost is calculated as a period of cost in accounting, the management cost of the enterprise, in the management cost subject accounting.