The sixth gold medal of Chinese delegation!Su Yiming won the gold medal in men’s snowboard platform

2022-06-04 0 By

China News on February 15China’s Su Yiming scored 182.50 points to win the men’s snowboard platform gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday afternoon.This is also the Chinese delegation in this Winter Olympic Games in the sixth gold medal, the 12th medal, the number of gold MEDALS and MEDALS, have created a new record high.Su yiming won a silver medal at the age of 18 in snowboard slopestyle.The big jump is his strong suit today.Su won China’s first world Championship gold medal in the event at the World Cup in December.Before that, he had successfully completed the 1980 inside turn (five and a half twists), becoming the first person to unlock the difficult move.A total of three rounds of the final, take the direction of the two best results of the sum of the medal.In the first round, Su scored 89.50 points, ranking the second.In the second round, Su yiming reproduced the difficult 1800 and got a high score of 93.00, ranking first.In the third round, Su appeared last, and the title was already assured when mons Leisweiland of Norway, the penultimate competitor, locked in at 171.75.