The future is possible!Hanyang students won the first prize of the youth science and technology innovation competition

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On February 14th, the 36th Wuhan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition results were announced, wuhan No.3 Boarding Middle School academy of Young Science and Technology application of the two projects were awarded the municipal first prize, the innovation achievements of B class municipal first prize in junior high school group all seats!The project was carried out by Chen Qinyi, a student from Class 8 (9). When he saw that garbage bins in some residential areas did not clear in time, garbage trucks in remote areas ran empty. Chen Qinyi used control boards, ultrasonic sensors, steering gear and other components to build circuits.The design and manufacture of “intelligent garbage removal and transportation system” was completed by laser engraving machine and manual production.Delta Chen Qin Iraq with laser engraving mechanism system, the appearance that is garbage sorting by voice and object recognition, and then with the help of facial recognition will be included in the individual garbage sorting garbage sorting behavior points system, and real-time monitoring trash can, trash pickup by iot management platform remind garbage trucks, reduce waste of resources, promote the city environment more beautiful.Delta Chen Qin, install debugging good circuit control panel and subject to human motion detection intelligent identification sleep early warning system of Liu Yicheng seven (5) class is responsible for the “human motion detection intelligent identification sleep early warning system” project because of the attention to their parents in the process of growth need to get up several times a night to examine whether he pedal quilt, very hard.Therefore, the control board is connected with infrared temperature sensor to realize continuous monitoring of children’s sleep state.Delta Liu Yicheng mechanisms with laser engraving appearance to judge whether the system can detect the temperature anomalies occurred pedal quilt behavior, and the abnormal situation in time from the monitor terminal through wireless transmission to the receiving terminal, the receiver sends out sound and light alarm, notify the parents for children to cover with quilt son, so it can effectively prevent the children from catching cold and flu.After the exchange with the judges, Liu said, This experience has broadened my vision, improved my speech skills, made me feel the fun of hardware programming, and made me feel the love of parents for their children.Chen Qinyi thought that she gained a lot from participating in the activity. In order to realize a function, she had to learn a lot of knowledge and modify the scheme for many times. Although she encountered many difficulties, it was really great to get closer and closer to her work step by step.It is reported that the three boarding school in 1999 set up the junior academy of Sciences, the first to establish a science education system, and to carry out science and technology education and community activities as the carrier of the junior Academy of Sciences, training innovative talents in the new era.As a national demonstration school of popular science education for teenagers, the third Boarding School has made remarkable achievements in science and technology education and community activities, and more than 230 people have won international and domestic awards.Nowadays, while practicing the concept of quality education, the university is constantly innovating the mode and thinking of talent training, accelerating the promotion of science and technology education and maker education, and cultivating top-notch talents for scientific and technological innovation in the new era.Editor: Peng Hanyu source: Hanyang Education production: Publicity Department of Hanyang District Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China Hanyang Rong Media Center contributed