Is Huawei fighting back again on 5G a good thing?Not necessarily!Sweden’s change of attitude has already sent a signal

2022-06-04 0 By

As we all know, Sweden has explicitly banned Huawei 5G equipment in the past. It has not only banned Huawei 5G equipment, but also required the removal of huawei 5G equipment that has been installed before January 1, 2025.This matter was caused the Ericsson angry, because the Ericsson Sweden very worried about such behavior, will affect the market share of Ericsson in the Chinese market, and then Ericsson also openly issued “warning”, if they don’t want to do, so Ericsson is likely to be directly from the local market.But even so, when Huawei filed a lawsuit asking Sweden to compensate Huawei, Sweden did not take it seriously.The injunction remains in place, and not only that, but there is no further settlement.In recent days, Huawei has fired back again over 5G.The amount of money requested for compensation rose directly to $3 billion, or about 19 billion yuan, from about $500 million to $600 million.Many in the industry say it is a good thing that Huawei has launched a counterattack against 5G.There is no denying that it is a good thing to take the initiative to attack for their own rights and interests.But if you want to deep analysis, personally feel that this is not necessarily a good thing, next listen to xiaobian analysis.First of all, we need to understand that huawei’s “counterattack” is not the same as its previous counterattacks against American companies.Previously, the issue of 5G patent fees was targeted at Verizon, an American company.This time, it is a “counterattack” against Sweden’s unfair treatment of Huawei’s 5G equipment.You should know that there is a fundamental difference between the two. The former is just that others use their 5G patented technology and must pay patent fees.The latter asked for compensation because they had been unfairly treated.To put it bluntly, the former will continue to cooperate with Huawei under the settlement.Because They can’t get around Huawei’s GLOBAL 5G patents.And even if the two eventually settle, there is no guarantee that huawei won’t find new reasons to ban huawei’s 5G technology.For Huawei, there is not a long-term collection of 5G patent fees, and it may be difficult to guarantee the continued cooperation with Sweden on 5G equipment, so what can Huawei fight back to get?In addition to this 19 billion yuan “drop in the ocean”, the fundamental problem did not get much good solution.Second, attitudes in Sweden have changed.When Huawei put forward a new claim scheme, Sweden took the initiative to communicate and negotiate with Huawei to deal with this problem.As you can see, this is a completely different attitude from the previous claim.So at this time, some people said: Sweden this is worried about the $3 billion compensation issue, so there is the willingness to take the initiative to negotiate.It’s a way of admitting that what you did was wrong.But PERSONALLY, I don’t think it is so simple. We all know why Sweden banned Huawei in the first place. If Sweden really thinks that the only way to communicate with Huawei is for them to compensate Huawei, then Sweden would not directly ignore it when it proposed 500-600 million DOLLARS earlier.But at that time Sweden did not, it can be seen that Sweden under pressure at the same time will not be because you put forward how much compensation amount, will change their attitude.To add insult to injury, Sweden’s previous change of attitude was not because of anything Huawei did, but because of some pressure behind it.Now, who are we to say that such pressures do not exist?So it’s too easy to say that compensation changed my attitude.So what has changed this attitude?In fact, you can refer to the confession made by the British side some time ago, that is, the previous ban on Huawei was due to pressure from the United States.First, they feel that their 5G development is too slow, and some regret.Second, it’s probably because they had a little conflict.In the same way, when we convert to Sweden, we do neither of these things.That’s fine if it’s the former, but what if it’s the latter?It’s easy to change again.So, in that regard, it’s not a good thing for Huawei.Sweden’s change of attitude just sends a signal that they are unlikely to change their attitude because of how much compensation Huawei proposes, and all that Sweden can change its attitude is more worthy of consideration.What do you think about that?Welcome to comment, like and share!