How to combat negative emotions at work

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Take Criticism CoollyAfter hearing someone else’s criticism of you, repeating the words in your head in a slow, calm voice helps you focus on the actual content of the message.Take sensitive information in stride. Livat found that many people feel uneasy and even lose sleep when faced with their colleagues’ cold faces.When you are in this situation, you can say to yourself, “His weakness is that he doesn’t know how to be nice to others. I don’t have this weakness, and I am more popular with my friends.”This kind of self-soothing can make you feel better.3. Encourage Yourself When faced with work problems, it’s hard to avoid feeling discouraged, which can affect our work mood and productivity.It’s easy to feel powerless in adversity.When you don’t have an effective solution, you might as well think that you must have a good solution, keep encouraging yourself and don’t give up easily.In short, the world will not treat you the way you like, nor play tricks on you the way you don’t like.Fame and prestige are earned and there is no harm in learning to love what you do.We need the help and support of our colleagues to get things done, especially in today’s fast-paced work environment, which requires pleasant cooperation.In return, we must be grateful and actively express our gratitude through thought or action.If we are constantly grateful, we will be happy and feel that we are living in a happy environment.The only way to be a great person is to do everything with enthusiasm.Disraeli’s company needs people who are passionate and dedicated to their work to bring the rest of the company along.Such people often speak passionately, take the long view and pursue corporate goals with unparalleled determination.