An old man in Hunan province has cultivated his girlfriend’s two children, but his son has dropped out of school to work

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Cast my peach, reported to qiongju, bandits also, always think good also.This is a classic description of “The Book of Songs · Papaya” on gratitude, but also the Chinese nation does not forget to Thanksgiving, heart for heart of the good quality.However, not everyone can be grateful all the time, and not everyone deserves the help they can give.CAI, who lives in Loudi, Hunan Province, took good care of his girlfriend and her two children for 17 years. He even failed to take care of his own son.Can this 17 years pay finally became a joke, cummer is taking two children to run away not only, still took the deposit of 6000 yuan in the home and 1000 yuan of medicinal materials.Before he met his girlfriend Liu Xiaodi, CAI was almost at the stage of filial piety before his children’s knees.After his overworked wife left early, he raised his three children on his own.In the ’90s, he was already in the medicine business, accumulating a small fortune and building a house.It can be said that in addition to the emotional vacancy, Uncle CAI life is good.Gradually, the eldest son and daughter found their own lovers and married, leaving the youngest son still in high school.The appearance of a woman turns CAI and his children’s lives upside down.Liu Xiaodi was 20 years younger than CAI when she found him, and her husband, the sole breadwinner, died early.It’s hard for a woman with two small children who can barely make a living on her own.Then CAI uncle heart a soft let Liu Xiaodi their niang sa stay down.But they seem to be not fully accepted as uncle CAI’s family, although the food and accommodation are borne by Uncle CAI, Liu Xiaodi is not willing to marry Uncle CAI pull certificate.Therefore, under the title of husband and wife, they can only be considered as male and female friends.After becoming CAI’s verbal wife, Liu Xiaodi gradually revealed his true side.After stealing the family’s financial power from Uncle CAI in the name of running the family, he lavished the money on his two children as if it were his own.This seems unreasonable to CAI’s eldest son and daughter. His younger brother is still in high school and needs the money.Liu Xiaodi took all her father’s money in this way. What if her brother needed money?He quarreled with Liu Xiaodi one after another.The two siblings argued with Liu Xiaodi for a number of days, but there was no effect. After thinking about it, they also felt that it was their father’s money and father’s business, and he should solve it.However, Uncle CAI’s reaction is destined to let them down, he feels that his “wife” is much younger than his age, followed by their own wronged, she is willing to let him tube money.Also laissez-faire Liu Xiaodi in his home wanton rampant.It is also this kind of connivance, let Liu Xiaodi gradually more unbridled start.In the face of Uncle CAI’s youngest son, even if Uncle CAI is sincere and has no small kindness for mother and son, Liu Xiaodi is still merciless.As long as he did not listen to Liu Xiaodi’s words, it was a beating.The high school children themselves on the pressure, easy to fluctuate, Liu Xiaodi and a group of uninvited guests seized CAI uncle’s money and love do not say, he was bullied by them, CAI’s youngest son’s grades plummeted.At this time, Liu Xiaodi, regardless of the respect, said that his son was wasting money to study, and even coaxed and persuaded his son to drop out of school.So he could have entered a good university, but he didn’t finish high school, so he went to Guangdong to work.CAI’s eldest son was also completely disappointed with his father and moved out after taking two benches.Here, Uncle CAI originally happy father and son, female life has been thoroughly disrupted.But parent-child is not close, at least there are “stepson”, and the two children are also good, both admitted to a good university in Hunan — the eldest daughter finished graduate school, learn oncology, the younger son also entered a key university in Changsha.Uncle CAI is also proud of this. He often brags to his neighbors that his children are promising.The speaker has no intention, but the listener has heart.CAI’s youngest son in Guangdong was not happy with him, he came out to work, but his younger brother and sister robbed his opportunity to go to college.He was so angry that he cut off contact with Uncle CAI directly. Even when he came home for the Spring Festival, he would only live in his brother’s house.After all the children are brought up, uncle CAI can enjoy the happiness?It doesn’t.One day Uncle CAI found that Liu Xiaodi was not at home.This thought is out, can look for a circle, CAI uncle not only did not find people, but also found that the rest of the home of more than 6000 yuan deposit and 1000 yuan of herbs were taken away.Then he realized that Liu Xiaodi had probably run away.Not only that, liu Xiaodi’s daughter also lost contact.When I contacted Liu Xiaodi’s son through the school, he said he didn’t want to meet him.Uncle CAI this time is a chicken fly, he how can not understand, he so exhausted efforts, even at the harm of his own children also want to treat a few people, how can not say a little kindness?Even a dog, after 17 years, is more affectionate than they are.However, as a result of CAI uncle failed to marry liu Xiaodi all the time, two “stepson” also did not have the obligation to support the elderly, and below these years of tortuousness, CAI uncle just discovered he had been without relatives.Although he is in fact raising two children, the status of the two children and Chua does not define the relationship between the adoptive father’s children or stepfather’s children, and the investment of Chua in Ah Hua and her children can only be regarded as a financial problem between them.According to article 1042 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, it is forbidden to obtain property through marriage.Liu Xiaodi borrowed the status of “husband and wife” that she verbally promised to CAI to ask for money from Him. However, what CAI gave to the other party for the purpose of marrying Liu Xiaodi should fall into the category of bride price, which is prohibited by the civil Code. Therefore, CAI can claim back all the losses paid to Liu Xiaodi.In any case, it’s been 17 years, and it’s hard to figure out how much CAI has invested.This way to recover Liu Xiaodi will only be a tangle, far from a solution.Can be in among them, CAI uncle not only lost money, but also lost three once the most trusted, love their children.