Winter Olympics coming! Can heal the wounded and rescue the dying and gallop on the snow!The alpine skiing medical team is ready

2022-06-03 0 By

The alpine skiing medical team in charge of the medical treatment of the Alpine skiing course of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games held a press conference on The afternoon of 29, introducing the composition of the medical team to the media, showing the first aid kit and the preparation of snow rescue work.The ski medical team consists of doctors, stadium patrol, 120 emergency transport system, rescue helicopter and so on.The medical kit and snow rescue preparations are displayed online by the medical team. The 12kg backpack is carried by the alpine skiing team’s doctors around the course to ensure that athletes receive immediate treatment in case of injury.At present, water injection has been completed on the alpine skiing track, which is covered with icy snow, which is highly dangerous. Athletes in previous Winter Olympics have a high probability of injury and difficult to rescue.Guo Qi, deputy medical officer of the alpine skiing medical Team of Beijing Yanqing Competition Area, said: “Injuries during competition are generally traumatic. We ask doctors to pay close attention to athletes’ sliding posture and how they are injured.”Our support is fully prepared and we have conducted many simulation exercises.Source CCTV news client editor Qi Qingyang editor Tian Minjia Liu Sibo