West Wangzhuang Town, Central District of Zaozhuang City: “Knock on the door action” lift the boom, safe and intimate, “into ten thousand”

2022-06-03 0 By

Lu Net on February 7 – “ye, I am the staff of our town government, happy New Year to you!Now into the household to promote the popularization of fireworks and firecrackers ban ban, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, vaccination and city cloud APP knowledge…”Since February 4, Zaozhuang city district west Wangzhuang town organization of all the town, village cadres use the Spring Festival to send peace, send warmth and visit the New Year, in-depth each household to carry out the “knock on the door action”, adhere to the “three in place”, to ensure that the whole year of work from a good bureau.Launch propaganda in place.”Propaganda vehicles move, broadcast loudspeakers sound, banners hang up, wechat group forwarding, attention to speak”, town and village cadres through sharing cases, release publicity materials and other easy-to-understand ways to publicize fireworks and firecrackers ban, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning, vaccination and city cloud APP knowledge.This greatly improved the villagers’ awareness of burning and releasing and prevention, and enhanced their understanding of the city cloud Newspaper APP.Household visits in place.Take the middle-level officials Bao Village, county-rural cadres to the household responsibility system, a village party member, grid member, new era civilization practice volunteers, such as strength, in strict accordance with the grid division of responsibility areas, comprehensive village door, quickly go one by one, the door of publicity, and all the family members for communication, if a family member is not at home, in the indoor instead of telephone communication,Truly do “every household will arrive, do not fall a household, do not leak a person”, to ensure that everyone knows, every household is known.Accountability is in place.West Wangzhuang town fully launched the accountability mechanism, clear town, village work responsibility, responsibility to people, layer upon layer of responsibility compaction compaction.The town set up a special supervision team, through the “four not two straight” unannounced visits, went straight to the scene, strict supervision, daily production of supervision briefing, reported problems in each village, and found in the supervision process of poor promotion, work behind the village, criticized the notice, strict accountability.Up to now, the “knock on the door action” issued a total of more than 10,000 copies of all kinds of publicity materials, sent out a publicity car, set up 31 loudspeakers, walk to the village more than 8,000 households.The next step, West Wangzhuang town will highlight the focus, strengthen prevention, take a variety of ways to go to visit the propaganda, effectively promote the “knocking action” to go deep, to do in reality, seek truth to see results.(Correspondent Yuan Yue)