Sichuan worth going to the scenic spot, deep grass, trees, high peaks, adjacent to the Huanglong airport

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Worth of scenic area in sichuan, the grass wood deep numerous, peak forest, adjacent to the huanglong airport every open a travel book full of joy, of every city full of yearning, but arrived in sichuan for many years, is still not on the peripheral fun time, listen to a lot of people around with my description in sichuan where where the United States, where where fun, often hear enchanted place,Always fantasizing about themselves to come to such a beautiful scenery, how excited it is, so taking advantage of this small vacation, everyone’s heart vision to a walk on the trip.Although I have lived in Sichuan for many years, I still do not know the surrounding cities very well, so I still have to take a map and a pen to do a good tour guide, with one hand luggage and one hand tickets, which set foot on a journey throughout Sichuan.The first stop of the trip, we came to the famous net red card scenic spot, is located in Sichuan Aba Prefecture qizang ditch.I know this place for the first time, or from the online users of the paper, so green mountains, so clear water, so beautiful woods, are so moving, so MY first stop on the choice of here.Luckily, it’s not that famous, so it’s not too crowded, and it allows me to get the best camera angles.Qizanggou is open to the public for free, and the whole scenic area has not been really developed, so it still retains a natural and fresh beauty, and those man-made attractions form a sharp contrast, and it is this nature that makes me fall in love with here.Snow mountains, trees, high mountains, streams, water…Everything in sight is so lovely and beautiful, and only a camera can leave such a beautiful thing.This small area of 50 square kilometers, but so vast, from the beginning of setting foot on this land, I was fascinated by such a natural ecological environment.Breathing the fresh air, enjoying the most natural scenery in front of us, listening to the sound of streams, birds singing, sometimes see weeds and flowers on the side of the road feel so beautiful.The occasional sight of a hut or two in the mountains was like a fairy tale, as if one or two dwarfs could be picked out at the next moment.At the altitude of 3500 meters above, there are a lot of the mountain snow has not melt, because of the high altitude, low temperature, so the surrounding trees are yellow, may I come to time is just about to fall, look, is like a beautiful painting, 360 degrees, each direction, each corner can constitute a perfect image of the painting.Travel time is always so beautiful and short, the journey in seven Tibet ditch is still not over, but the words are still unable to describe the beauty of seven Tibet ditch, but can not express my love for this piece of scenic area.