Makes the court culture | “judge” class ii: litigation service center

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Xi ‘an Intermediate People’s Court recently held the second “Judges’ Class” in 2022 with the theme of “Construction of Litigation Service Center and its relationship with trial execution”.Speaker: Zhang Xueting, judge of Xi ‘an Intermediate People’s Court, master of Law.In the past three years, 12 papers and research articles have won awards in national academic discussions such as the National Academic forum of Courts and the National Legal Forum of Sub-provincial Cities.The connotation and key tasks of the construction of the second phase of “Judge classroom” litigation service center are: 1) external litigation services, including filing, paying fees, consulting, litigation guidance, 12368 hotline, announcement handling, post-judgment q&A, file inquiry and other non-trial affairs that need to be external are all integrated in the litigation service hall.Second, internal litigation auxiliary services, centralized identification, centralized preservation, centralized service, trial shorthand, file generation, file circulation and other work, comprehensive service trial execution.Third, the judicial sector has taken an active part in social governance, building a social governance pattern under the leadership of party committees, the leadership of the government, the coordination of society, public participation and the guarantee of the rule of law.Fourth, the function of “sub-adjustment, adjudication and trial”.That is, case diversion, pre-lawsuit mediation, quick adjudication and quick adjudication.Fifth, the function of complaint and answer questions.First, the service carrier has been fully completed.The trinity Litigation service Center has been basically completed, including the litigation service hall, litigation service network and mobile terminal, and 12368 litigation service hotline.Second, service functions are increasingly optimized.In addition to the eight major functions of litigation guidance, case filing examination, case filing mediation, judicial assistance, inquiry and consultation, receipt and transfer of materials, post-judgment q&A, and petition reception, it also actively explores the transfer of trial auxiliary work such as preservation, appraisal, evaluation and service to the litigation service center.Third, measures to make it easier for the people were fully implemented.All courts in the city have opened online filing, cross-domain filing and cross-border filing services.Fourth, the service mechanism has been improved.We have comprehensively strengthened the standardization of litigation services, issued a series of normative documents, unified construction standards, clarified the functions of posts, detailed service requirements, and done a good job in circulation and connection.Fifth, we accelerated the reform of “separate adjustment, review and adjudication”.Litigation service centers have been given full play to their “outpatient” function of resolving disputes, and the reform of the mechanism of “separate adjustment, adjudication and trial” has been widely carried out, forming a new pattern in which simple cases are quickly resolved in litigation service centers and complex cases are refined by professional teams.Sixth, it application has achieved remarkable results.Construction for 24 hours, online self-help court mediation room, electronic reading room, video room JieFang online, online office space, equipped with intelligent system, visitors guide v. robot, lawsuit counseling machine, litigation risk assessment, convenient service kiosks, intelligent cloud ark, intelligent navigation equipment, perfect the electronic file with the case synchronous generation system,Fully open online filing, online payment, online service, online preservation, online identification, online mediation, online case handling and other functions.Seventh, a pattern of diversified services has taken shape.Create conditions, build platforms and provide guarantee for third parties to provide legal services, carry out auxiliary work, participate in judicial activities and carry out regular supervision.Eighth, the role of cultural dissemination is prominent.Legal education bases have been set up, reading rooms have been set up, micro films on the rule of law have been broadcast, and court hearings have been broadcast live, so that the people can be imsubtly influenced by the culture of rule of law.Two hours of lectures, Zhang Xueting judge “litigation service center construction and its relationship with trial execution” this one theme, combining the reality of city court litigation service center work, from the historical evolution of litigation service center construction, national governance model transformation of the connotation of the new demand, lawsuit service center construction and key tasks, and its relationship with trial execution, etc shall be explained.Through the interpretation of the above points of view, the original views on the relationship between the litigation service center and the trial execution work are given, and the new functions and value orientation of the litigation service center are clarified, which is worth thinking and drawing lessons from.Nearly 50 judges from relevant business departments of the Municipal Court attended the “Judge class”.Judicial personnel from relevant departments of the district and county courts shall participate in the event via video link.This “judge classroom” is presided over by zhang Guihua, deputy director of political department of municipal Court.This article content as the main point of view, only supplies the reference the original title: “make the court culture |” judge “class ii: read litigation service center”