In 2022, the 4 most powerful Chinese comics rise, all of them are really profitable

2022-06-03 0 By

1, “painting the bad man of rivers and lakes 5” the fifth season is really good, the plot rhythm of this action to see the best in Chinese manchu.The point is that men and women this season finally looks like the level of the leading role, Yan Dog satisfaction.This episode has a different style from season 4.The production level is still quite high, including the picture plot is good.This season, almost every episode starts with a meme, which is a little awkward.But the content of the show after the meme is surprisingly good.2. The overall feeling of The fourth season of “Stars Change” is better than that of the last season. The plot is a little slow, but I can feel that it is paving the way for separation.The special effects of Cousin Jiang Li are very shocking, cooler than before.”Stars change” is really a clean stream, finally different from “dou break”, “Dou Luo” that even men are v-shaped face of the fantasy animation, but the aesthetic is more strange is that the eyes of the male and female protagonists are a little dim.3, “Qian Cong Kano” warm blood but the configuration of intelligent male hero, the means of attack is a solid show.The second set with the help of set to counter routine, male resurrection really handsome.The pictures and music go up in a flash.Well, the deep break set is good.The overall quality is good, the plot is younger, the story is the old routine of young blood.But I have to say, there’s a lot of tension, a lot of fighting, a lot of chasing, a lot of action.The picture quality of “The Romance of Dragon and Snake” is good, but I feel that the story is a little bit pulled today. No matter the men and women are of the same mold, there is no difference between tall and short, fat and thin, it feels very strange.When fighting, motion capture is ok, so how do you make everyone else look stupid and ugly except the heroine, really fighting and heroine are the only two places to watch.2022 the best 4 Chinese manchu rise, all of them are really earned!