How to judge top, bottom and direction

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Talk about how to judge a top or bottom, a top or bottom that you know purely technically, or a top or bottom that ordinary people say is a hundred times bigger, but at its core you have to have some vision and logical thinking.We say that in order for the main player to make money, he must fill up his chips at the bottom, and form an upward path, and eventually exchange chips near the set target level, which can never be changed.This is also equivalent to the starting line of a train, the relay station, the terminal station are determined before the departure.Corresponding is the main warehouse, pull up, wash dish, shipping these several processes, which is equivalent to the main trading road map, any event is impossible to change these things.Changes in peripheral stock markets, changes in policies, announcements of listed companies.These are all considered in place before trading things, and even have been contacted.It will only serve as motivation, not resistance.There are a few key points to emphasize that this is established in the right direction of the main attack, at the same time circulation plate moderate and the cumulative increase is not big ticket, small hair no law to follow, just like the tension of transport capacity, temporary start two trains.Maybe not next time.The cumulative increase is too large, equivalent to the train has arrived at the station do not know when to rest until the open.Then we talk about the tops. They are actually places with a lot of people getting on and off. The same is true for relay stations.Circulation plate, circulation market value, means the car’s carrying capacity, more people on the bus, so it takes time to wait, there may be a few waves, then the general circulation set up below 3 billion, basically get on the bus internal wave, basically get on the bus that a group of people as long as the most beat, that is fast start.The midway station is to catch dish with midway station is, the midway station is early to catch dish larger place, a little to stop at the terminal is also, the terminal stay time is also according to the carrying capacity, the car carrying more people, then stop for a longer time.The main goal is to make money.So the goal is to get on the car with the most people that wave, after two times to three times, the normal line to open short distance without, unless this short distance, unless this section of the line, a lot of people above, in and out very quickly, like upload directly to Hangzhou, a suddenly a gang of people on, suddenly a gang of people, the end.Hope you can be equal, real knowledge is used to understand.Let’s talk about how to judge the direction, which is what we call an up channel or a down channel.Investors, ah, must look at the direction of the wind is more important than their own lives.Like the main force of thinking how to sit, rather than like retail retail prostitution.The illusion of comfort, the general direction is like the main attack of the target, if you get it wrong, it will be the opposite, painful.In the 2021 group action, trained by these so-called track, standing guard on the high hills of these individual investors, if the main force to liberate new energy power generation, new energy vehicles and pro-cyclical shipping, chemical, resources, energy, that need to liberate too many people.If you want to go up, need more main funds to buy.At the same time, better performance is needed to support the further evolution of the story, so we say that now we see the main force of real money to do it?Will their future performance sustain them?Obviously not, so let him sleep, and sleep leads back.Reports of retail investors scolding him.Ignore him, perhaps to turn a corner, so most of these are not good, the main force in 2022 still want to make money?Of course I do. What the hell?It should also focus on the epidemic, which has not been affected or suppressed excessively in the epidemic, and needs to be repaired urgently and go against the trend of growth.I think anyone in their right mind can figure out which direction this is going.Direction is the goal. Once it’s set, it can’t be changed anyway.The short term beating you up is just the starting point, as long as we don’t get confused by the false direction of the young workers, you won’t get lost in 2022.Historical experience tells us, without a big main shipment is to rely on the limit hit out.History also tells us that every time a big market starts, it is soon beaten, and in the future it will double or triple, which many people do not understand.