How to choose the length of snowboard

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Subtract 5 to 15 centimeters from your height.1. For example, if you are 183 centimeters tall, the right length for you is between 155 and 165 centimeters.If you want flexible handling, go for a 155cm board length.If you want a simple skiing experience, the 160cm board length is your best choice.2. Beginners are generally suitable for medium-length boards, which will be relatively easier to slide.The ideal ski size is generally between Jib type and all-mountain size.Park players will be more comfortable with Jib skis.This type of board is generally shorter to reduce weight while ensuring more flexibility in props and sliding.And according to the terrain of the park, it is not likely to encounter heavy snow, deep snow snow conditions, so there is not much need for a long board.3, snowboarding is a very good aerobic exercise, slippery 30 minutes can burn 285 calories, is equivalent to the quantity of heat of two large chicken legs, a novice must be under the guidance of professional personage, otherwise it is easy to hurt, can appropriate for ice and snow sports exercise cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength, help to improve coordination, increase the balance ability, improve the respiratory function,Can also adjust the human body hormone secretion state, so that the exercise of pleasure, relieve pressure.