How does a car safety belt work? Why does it pull at slow speeds and lock at fast speeds

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The seat belt can be stretched and retrieved – when the seat belt is not tightened, the body can be easily extended forward.But in a crash, when the body reaches forward at extreme speed, the seat belt suddenly pulls in and holds the body firmly in place.The traditional seat belt device has a clip inside. If the belt is pulled quickly, such as in the case of a car accident, the clip will be pulled out by centrifugal force due to the rapid rotation of the belt roller, quickly locking the seat belt and securing the occupant to the chair.When the peak of the impact passes, or the person is already protected by the airbag, the seat belt is relaxed to avoid crushing the ribs.From the above series of actions to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.The internal structure of the seat belt equipment varies with the class of the vehicle and its complexity also varies.More professional seat belts also contain tightening devices and tension restraints.You can pull your seat belt fast enough to lock it because it contains what’s called an inertial force block.When the speed reaches a certain instantaneous speed higher than or equal to 2.0g, a reed in the inertia force block moves downward with the moment of inertia, prompting the inner spines to grasp and lock the inner transmission gear.This kind of lock is called more sensitive to push.There is also a more sensitive type of lock called car movement, which works when the car is going downhill or when the car is turned over.Why slow speed can drive and driven under lock and key, the key associated with seat belt roll of the transmitter structure, moreover also been concerns in safety belt lock lock, press the back, the basic principle of this part of the key on seat belt buckle structure related, let’s put this two part about ways to introduce to you:Structure of safety belt The safety belt consists of webbed belt (alias safety belt), rewind device, opening buckle, guide device, relative height adjustment organization, torque device and clamping device.In the safety belt system software, the safety belt is connected to a safety belt retractor.The key component of the rewind device is the secret drug, which is connected to one end of the safety belt.Inside the rewind device, a torsion spring provides rotational interaction force (or torsion distance) for the secret drug to turn the secret drug and roll up the loose safety belt.When the belt is pulled out, the cartridge will rotate in the opposite direction and the connected torsion spring will rotate in the same direction.At this time the secret drug turns the torsion spring.If the safety belt is released, the torsion spring force turns the secret drug clockwise to make the safety belt tensioned.Winder locking tissue The winder has locking tissue, which can stop the rotation of the secret drug when the vehicle hits.There are two common kinds of locking system software: the retractor opened by vehicle fitness sports locking tissue and the retractor opened by seat belt fitness sports locking tissue system software: 1) the retractor opened by vehicle fitness sports locking tissue system software locking secret drugs when the vehicle decelerates rapidly (e.g. when the vehicle hits something).Below is a plan of this type of design.When the vehicle suddenly stops, the inertia forces cause the pendulum to swing forward.The ratchet mechanism at the other end of the pendulum was jacked up, and the pawl caught one of the gear wheels with the toothed ratchet, preventing the gear from turning in the opposite direction, and thus preventing the secret drug attached to it from turning.When the belt is released after a collision, the drive gear rotates clockwise, the hammer is calibrated, and the ratchet mechanism is separated from the ratchet.2) Safety belt fitness opened reel locking system software: when yanking the safety belt, the system software uses the rotation rate of the secret drug as the driving force to lock the secret drug.The following is a plan of work.An intensifying pendulum is mounted on the rotating secret.The pendulum does not wobble when the secret drug rotates slowly.A torsion spring holds it in place.But when the harness is yanked, the cartridge rotates rapidly, forcing the sharp end of the swing bar outward.The extended swing rod promotes the camshaft on the reel housing.The CAM is connected to a rotating ratchet mechanism according to the rolling pin.As the camshaft moves to the left, the rolling pin moves along the notch of the ratchet mechanism.This moves the ratchet mechanism in the opposite direction and inserts it into the rotating ratchet attached to the secret drug.The ratchet mechanism is locked into the transmission gear, and the reverse rotation of the ratchet is strictly prohibited.The Internet for a similar method of dynamic graph, relativity simple some, look guys can also refer to: due to the vehicle fitness open type volume when the transmitter is the impact position card immediately, the seat-belt and seat belts on fitness is that after the passengers posture forward drive belts, and vehicle type fitness open posture exercise open faster than the belt.A fastening device that fastens or loosens the seat belt by locking the seat belt and forcing the passenger into the seat belt with a snap.Nowadays, there is generally a toggle switch in the lock. When the lock tongue is not inserted, the power switch is closed and the safety belt warning light can be connected.Moreover, a data signal is given to the control module. When the vehicle speed reaches a certain value, the lighting effect and video voice alarm are carried out to prompt the driver to fasten the safety belt.In addition, the internal structure of the seat belt equipment varies with the class of the vehicle and its complexity also varies.More professional seat belts also contain tightening devices and tension restraints.Torquer has rack and pinion type, steel cable type, bearing steel ball type, torquer is also the use of motor electric tightening method, you can also find the relevant information to understand.