Fuzhou: Restore ecology and reproduce ancient rhyme

2022-06-03 0 By

On February 12, the People’s Daily published a newsletter titled “Restoring The Ecology and Reproducing the Ancient Charm” on the front page of the column titled “Going To the Grassroots in the Spring Festival”, praising Fuzhou city’s continuous restoration of wushan Historic Area in Fujian province, reproducing the ancient charm and making the blessed state even more blessed.”People’s Daily” (February 12, 2022, the 01 edition) Stone roots walk step turn, mountain tendrons new green.In Fuzhou, Fujian province, walking through the newly opened Wushan Historic Area Phase II, the breath of early spring is already on your face.Fuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city, has a pattern of “three mountains, two pagodas and one street”.Among them, wushan, the first of the “three mountains”, has been a tourist attraction since ancient times.Winding up along the path, I saw old photos along the path, which were the old appearance of Ushan before the restoration of ascension.Huang Mian, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Antai Sub-district, Gulou District, Fuzhou, said wushan’s historic area covers an area of about 25 hectares, but only 15 hectares were opened to the public.Some of the houses built on the mountain are difficult to solve because of problems left over from history.Lasting more than a year, Wushan cleaned up and dismantled 45 buildings with discordant features.Today, the open area of wushan Historic Area has been expanded to 21 hectares.Nearly 6.8 kilometers of mountain trails, string up today’s Wushan ring garden road, wander in the meantime, qiao irrigation strewn at random row, flowers and plants alongside the quiet path.”While protecting the existing large trees, a large number of green plants have been planted. The green area of the whole mountain reaches 5.1 hectares, with trees, flowers and grass.”Wu Qifei, head of wushan historic Area protection, restoration and improvement project construction of Fuzhou Urban and Rural Construction General Group Co., LTD.Wushan cliff stone carvings, repair more carefully.Staff read historical materials, first find the bottom, after the search.26 cliff carvings have been restored.”When we were demolishing the surrounding buildings, we found traces of stone carvings on the base stones, so we immediately removed them by hand, which is why we found the unexpected joy,” wu said.After the restoration of the cliff stone carvings became a popular landscape.”While visiting wushan, the citizens can also feel the historical and cultural heritage, which is the blessing of fuzhou people!”Fujian capital cultural volunteer Fang Jie said.