Drum Tower 38: In the bell with yi boat to explain the misunderstanding will house to Yin Dongyi

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Yi thinks that Yu Zhong and Tianyu are going to get married and cries bitterly. Chen Ying can only accompany her to comfort her.When Chen Ying is comforting Yi xiaoboat, Yu Zhong calls. Chen Ying asks Yi Xiaoboat to pick up the phone and asks Whether Yu Zhong wants her or Tianyu. If she chooses Tianyu, they will not meet again and Panpan will not see either.Yi Xiaoqiao did not want to do what Chen Ying said, she did not want to use the child forced by the bell, because her love with Yu Zhongding was gone, but she did not want to fight for it, decided to give up the bell.Yin Dongyi was cornered, can only take chrysanthemum to find in the bell, want to ask for help in the bell.After Yin Dongyi in the bell really begged him, decided to help Yin Dongyi think of a way, so with them to go home first.In the bell let Yin Dongyi and chrysanthemum first live in his home, he thinks of ways to solve the six elder brother’s things, he wants to use the law to solve the problem, so need a little time.Chrysanthemums in the bell promised to help, the six elder brothers sent in the bell and tianyu wedding photos to the easy boat things to say, in the bell will have no idea to deal with other things, immediately go to see the easy boat.Yin Dongyi in the bell left, to see the bells do in the chair, feel that the bell’s good technology, and he has already abandoned the craft.Easy ship a line of people at the base to eat, jiang Feng particularly happy to welcome their arrival, said a lot of happy words, but when they are ready to toast to celebrate, in the bell broke in.In the bell, he heard easy ship to come to see easy ship, but did not expect easy ship said harsh words against him.Yi Ofan explained that he had already said that he would pay for the meal, and that there was no need to come and supervise the bell, so that he could only leave first.Ma SAN Xin in the bell left, to persuade the bell, let him do not choose the language of Heaven, forced to the bell do not know what to say.In the bell want to explain, see easy boat to come, so with easy boat asked tianyu photos of things, he needed to take the photos as evidence, save the threatened Yin Dongyi.Yi boat does not understand what the bell said, is that the bell said roughly after, only half-believed, so decided to go with the bell to report, good to prove that what the bell said is true.In the bell in the easy boat willing to go with him, with the easy boat to leave, walk while explaining the wedding dress, easy boat this just know what is going on.In the bell with easy boat to explain, just let easy boat to help, huo Quan made a phone call to the United States.Huo Right to the United States to find in the bell, want to ask tianyu to participate in the game company shares, see whether the bell know this matter, whether it is really like tianyu said, in the bell promised to let tianyu participate, four people each hold 25%.In the bell said, he does not know tianyu to participate in things, and he will not let tianyu to join, because the game company, he is to give easy boat and Panpan, so he just put the shareholders into the name of easy boat.Huo Right to listen to the United States in the bell said, they understand that tianyu is engaged to use things, holding shares of the game company, they also strongly disagree.Easy boat is the bell made a phone call, just really understand in the bell, so go home with easy ship to explain everything, let easy ship forgive the bell, give him a step.In the bell home with Yin Dongyi drink, the old accounts are turned out to say, a good calculation of their accounts.After Yin Dongyi confesses everything, Yu Zhong uses his house as bait to force Yin Dongyi to tell the truth, in order to determine whether Yin Dongyi is the one who put him in prison.After the bell rang, Yun Dongyi drank a glass of wine and confessed that he had done it to make the bell fall and snatch the boat away from him. He did not expect such a thing to happen.In The bell in Yin Dongyi confessed, said the house is Yin Dongyi and chrysanthemum, and Yin Dongyi said, he does not want the house, more blame in the bell forced him to beg along the street, now to act as a good man.Yoon dong-yi kept scolding the bell, telling the truth about yi’s marriage license to the bell, which he did not even let him see.In the bell with Yin Dongyi after drinking wine, just want to go back to the room to sleep, Yin Dongyi said, the house is his, in the bell to let out the bedroom.In the bell, he must give the house to Yin Dongyi, but asked Yin Dongyi to lend him the bedroom for two days, two days later he must move.Yi boat waited all night, has been equal to the bell of the phone, can wait until the phone, only hear a bell to borrow a car, there is nothing else, let her very angry.The next day, in the bell to wenwei east where the meeting, tianyu will open after the meeting, leaving in the bell to talk about participation in the matter, but did not think of direct to the bell refused.Tianyu sees the attitude of Zhong Ding and has an opinion on her, so she asks Yu Zhong to evaluate her and understand yu Zhong’s idea.In the bell, his life, there are a lot of responsibilities, so he can not follow one’s inclinations to live, and tianyu is not the same as him, Tianyu can follow one’s inclinations to live, so they are not suitable.In the bell let Ma SAN Xin called all shareholders together, to open a meeting for everyone, which makes everyone very curious, but did not expect to bring Yin Dongyi to the bell.