1000+ landing projects, 2 hardware products released……8 large number fonts light up the wind table 2021

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In 2021, the metaverse concept made AR popular again.For Liangfengtai, the past year of 2021 is the year when the entire product matrix is formed and a breakthrough is made in the implementation of the entire AR industry.In 2021, we put forward the goal of building a “hyper-reality intelligent space” in the next five years.Based on the capabilities of the Bright Wind Platform HiAR Space platform, virtual world information is used to enhance the physical world, break through physical limitations, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve user experience.Four vertical industries focus on intelligent manufacturing: covering TOP10 enterprises in automobile/steel/construction machinery/energy industries with a coverage rate of 60% ~ 80%, providing services for more than 1000 enterprises and institutions public safety: covering 20+ prefecture-level cities, applied to 40+ public security organs interactive entertainment:Standard capability output (SDK/ hardware /SaaS), serving more than 1 billion terminal users of smart cities:The introduction of cooperation is an “accelerator” for growth. Since the release of α Partnership plan, Bright Wind Platform has introduced 100+ innovative partners such as Huawei, Haier, Zhongruixin and Corbett Aviation by taking advantage of its platform advantages.More than 1000 landing projects such as remote after-sales service, spot inspection and SQE have been realized.On September 9, 2021, the annual online press conference of new products with the theme of “Wujie · Youfang” was held in Liangfeng Stage. At the press conference, the flagship new product 5G AR smart glasses HiAR H100 and AR “Sticky notes” and “notepad” of the physical world were launched:PinNotes, and upgrade HiLeia, the AR remote communication and collaboration platform.More than 10,000 people signed up to watch the press conference, with a total audience of 430,000 people.In 2021, Bright Wind Platform released two new hardware products, covering monocular and binocular forms.5G AR smart glasses HiAR H100 adopts domestic chips, carries self-developed AR operating system, and has many AR industrial applications built in. It is a new productivity tool under the trend of intelligent manufacturing.HiAR G210 is a plug and play mobile visual enhancement device, which greatly optimizes the display performance on the basis of HiAR G200, with brightness up to 1000CD /m² and contrast up to 5005:1.In 2021, Liangfengtai will release five software products, covering security, industrial and other BU businesses.Physical AR “Sticky notes” and “notepads” : PinNotes users can add or associate virtual content in real time on devices or environments in real physical space.Based on the work site, to create a virtual and real integration of the “digital workspace”.Pan-security intelligent service platform: Liangyanhui Provides forensic records, real-time supervision, emergency command and other capabilities for mobile duty, realizing visualization, digitalization and intelligent management of security protection.The platform can realize the superposition of fusion information based on uav live-action video, form a three-dimensional prevention and control system, and construct an intuitive, efficient, integrated and visualized command and dispatch system.AR Remote Communication and Collaboration Platform: HiLeia Upgrade On November 30, 2021, HiLeia will add a Web side.A month later, its optimized and upgraded version went online.Since then, with the help of the Web side, users can realize the first-view AR communication collaboration without downloading the client.In addition, HiLeia.PS, HiLeia’s sibling, realizes SDK encapsulation and open API functions of AR remote communication collaboration, which solves the long-standing problems of access difficulty of three-party systems and tedious account synchronization.AR intelligent event collection and management platform: Focus recording With the help of focus recording, users can collect and record live video from the first perspective while freeing their hands. Voice transcription can quickly add event markers.Liangfengtai always regards technological innovation as the foundation of the company. It has applied for 231 domestic and foreign patents in total, of which 117 have been successfully authorized, 152 of which have applied for invention patents, accounting for 65.80% of all applied patents, establishing a solid technical barrier.In 2021, Bright Wind Platform has won more than 30 high gold content honors from the government, venture capital institutions, core science and technology media, industry/industry alliance, ecological partners and so on.For example, Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission selected the “Industry Fu Fengfeng List” annual Enterprise of the Year, the core technology media selected the “2021 Ai Most Valuable Start-up TOP20”, 36 krypton selected “WISE”2021 King of New Economy · Annual Hardcore Enterprise “, “2021 World VR Industry Conference · China VR50 Top/Innovation Gold Award” selected by VIRTUAL Reality Industry Alliance, etc.