The world power is facing a reshuffle. Russia has fired the first shot against hegemony

2022-06-02 0 By

Recently, the world situation has become increasingly complex and volatile. The Ukraine issue, in particular, has triggered multi-party games and even directly affected the change of international power.In this regard, many media and experts have analyzed that the Ukraine issue is no longer a simple confrontation between the United States and Russia, nor is it a sequela caused by THE eastward expansion of NATO. Instead, it is a big showdown of world power, and a contest of anti-hegemony among major countries and regions in the world.As a result, the region will constantly happen of friction, the world’s big powers of various flutter, particularly in the United States often intervene in Ukraine transaction determined escalation of Russia’s leadership intensive meeting is to cool the area, and between China and Russia jointly backed the euro, various lambasting China to the United States, the United States arms sales to Taiwan threaten sanctions against China, etc.It’s impossible if there’s not a single thread at work.Then, what is the main thread of these movements and what force can attract so many countries and regions to move? There is obviously only one answer, that is, world power.The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Russia, India and Japan all want to gain greater influence and say in this competition for power. That is why there will be opposition and alliance of various forces. Just like the spring and Autumn and warring States periods in ancient China, they will be aligned with each other as well as with each other.However, one thing will not change. The world’s anti-US and anti-hegemon war has begun, and the US is the most uncomfortable in this power struggle.The reasons why America suffers the most are based on several considerations and analyses.First, the United States has become the public enemy of the world, which the United States is well aware of. It has done too many bad things.Second, the United States has fewer and fewer Allies. The Biggest ally of the United States, the European Union, is increasingly dissatisfied with the United States. Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have turned against the United States one after another, and there have been frequent frictions with Canada, Japan and Australia.Third, the United States has entered a period of internal conflicts, such as racial conflicts, partisan fighting, violent crimes, wealth issues, and uncontrolled epidemic. All these make the United States more and more fearful of losing its title as the world’s largest country, and fearing that internal problems will spill over and cause drastic changes in the external environment, thus exacerbating the outbreak of internal problems in the United States.Fourth, China, Russia and Europe are basically standing in opposition to the United States. In addition to China and Russia’s continuing anti-AMERICAN and anti-hegemonic activities, the European Union has also become the forefront of anti-American activities. The continuous confrontation between the dollar and the euro has gradually developed into a competition between the United States and Europe as a whole, which is also tearing apart the Western society.Today, the United States is doing the same thing in every way, and that is how to maintain its supremacy and maintain the power of dollars, oil and military in the world.As a result, America went into frenzied mode, with all sorts of nasty moves.First, the United States frantically printed money and continued to harvest the world leek with financial capital. The US Treasury bonds hit new highs, and the world financial risks kept increasing. The US dollar kept attacking the euro and other currencies.Second, the United States is turning its back on energy. In addition to making trouble with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and other oil countries, it is also sniping at Russia-Europe energy cooperation and targeting China’s new energy industry in an attempt to maintain its control over world energy.Third, the US military has also entered a period of intensive readjustment. It not only continues to increase its forces in the EU, but also gathers 60% of its forces in the Asia-Pacific. It seems that the two fronts that the US cares most about are being strengthened.The United States has three specific means: first, it is determined to provoke the escalation of the Ukrainian issue, in an attempt to involve Russia and Europe in conflicts and wars, and then create opportunities for large-scale intervention by the United States, so as to control the EU and weaken Russia and Europe.The second is to insist on suppressing China, to gradually curb the encircling of China in the Indo-Pacific region, and to control China’s development at a low level. Biden has said frankly that China will never be allowed to surpass the United States, which is the bottom line of the United States. Once China shows signs of surpassing the United States, the United States will spare no effort to suppress China.Third, the United States began to become a major energy producer. With its huge energy output and established energy control capacity, the United States fought the energy war with the world in an attempt to maintain the absolute power of discourse in the energy field. At the same time, the United States also used financial means to disrupt the world market in an attempt to harvest the leeks of other currency areas.Behavior, for the United States has the world does not allow, Europe and other countries and regions between China and Russia will not tolerate, Russia’s dense meeting, so will start to go to maintain smooth Europe in this scene, China can only be seen with the United States face difficult problems for many times, also many talks with China and the United States, Taiwan, south China sea, the east China sea, an increasingly tense situation on the peninsula, the more there will be a joint between China and Russia to support the euro,China-eu cooperation continues to grow.All kinds of signs show that in the face of the world’s interests, the world’s major powers want to share in the pie, they want to be an important role in influencing the world, so the United States alone will not be allowed, which is the main reason why the major forces are anti-American.In short, the United States has lived up to its former days, and it is no longer possible to continue reharvesting the world as the hegemon. With Russia firing the first shot against the United States on the Ukraine issue, the United States, the hegemon, will soon be removed from the stage of the world power center, and its replacement will be the multi-polarization of power.Therefore, the madness of the United States is understandable. After all, the world is losing ground to the American hegemony.And China and Russia backed against the euro, the nord stream project using the euro settlement, Iran’s oil exports using the euro settlement, and so on, has the euro to kill the dollar as the world’s major currencies, in this case, why is America so wedded to get their hands on Ukraine, the eu determined in cooling, the sino-russian determined Yu Liting euro, etc., there is no doubt that is very clear.