The Malibu XL is capable of breaking 100 red lines in 7 seconds

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My brother, who was born in 1996, has been working for several years. Recently, he told me that he wanted to buy a car for himself. First, he wanted to reward himself for his hard work in the past few years.With a budget of less than 200,000 yuan, his vision is not low. He wants joint venture brands, good-looking appearance, sports, large space size and fast acceleration. I said you have so many requirements, and now buy a decent point of independent brand cars are 200,000 yuan smaller.”Chevrolet Michael sharp XL treasure”, I remembered the sentence after the 80 “sanbao” joke, answer to bro I expressed surprise and curious, emerging brand new models in the market now abound, asked how he sees in the car, old younger brother said after the car he was considered a lot, as a car home WEI, have enough space,All day run outside customers, new energy vehicle range and charging is a problem, so it is not considered, as for the brand, car this thing is not so simple and I can do it, emerging brands still feel insecure, are more willing to believe that one hundred car brands, comprehensive factors, still think Chevrolet Michael sharp treasure XL is a word – steady!My brother said that when I was paying attention to the car, I was also attracted by a civilian modification activity of Chevrolet. When I saw the videos of the malibu XL modified by the old fans on various social platforms, I was not calm at all and wanted to take it down immediately!Because my family add Chevrolet to the purchase list of alternatives, so recently I began to pay special attention to the Chevrolet, when driving on the road to see the Chevrolet cars will look more eye, I was particularly impressed one evening, a body completely black Chevrolet sedan car in front of me slowly turn past, silky body to light dark paint reflected the street on both sides of the street lamp light and shadow,Slowly from the front to the rear, the senior, sporty, let that happen I couldn’t help staring at it, because I saw the blackened logo, rearview mirror and the wheel hub and the ornament of the red line, just think, in my mind first reaction: oh, what’s this Chevrolet car so have qualitative feeling, so advanced, looks very expensive, the appearance of the car “base” so well, slightly modified,I was surprised when I saw the MalibuXL at the rear of the car. Is this the “three treasures” we used to joke about?Yes, it has long been a makeover is now a stylish man, no wonder my brother will be attracted to it and that modification activities!Maliebo XL front face flat upper and lower intake grid and split LED lights, daytime running lights and turn lights design quite sharp personality, presenting a fashionable visual effect of sports.The body size of the whole vehicle is 4933*1854*1473mm, which makes the whole vehicle atmosphere advanced and has a sense of existence. The adjustment of 3mm lower than the height of malibu XL ordinary models makes Malibu XL RedLine lower and more sporty, with smooth muscle feeling on the side, smoky hub modeling, and the line range of the rear of the car rising.Both highlight its JIZHI track pedigree.Wallace, a sharp XL2829mm wheelbase length to its cabin space is very abundant, with today’s interior design view although modest, but wins in the movement of the family genes, let its interior is still filled with sports, wrapped with leather steering wheel, and it increases the antiskid design, whole system with multi-function key, and the structure of the a touch,Feel very simple sense, part of the pressure feedback configuration on the high-end models 8 inches color dashboard, on both sides of the traditional tachometer, water temperature, oil meter, such as display mode, entity pointer mechanical feeling very accord with Wallace, a sharp XL intermediate sports car positioning interior proper delicate red stitching adorn to strengthen the interior atmosphere,The whole car in the details of the optimization reflects Chevrolet so many years of deep efforts to build the car, its reasonable interior storage space and large trunk space reflect the advantages of this B-class car!Zhejiang race record, seven seconds to break the power ones with sharp XL carry treasure of the 2.0 T engine with a three-stage intelligent variable cylinder, with over 350 cattle meters maximum torque and 174 kw maximum power, this engine is not only in strength, it advanced variable cylinder technology let you in the condition of economic model cruise only run with two cylinders, so as to achieve good fuel economy,Fuel consumption is as low as 6.7L for 100km, and with the 9AT automatic gearbox of General Motors, the whole driving process is without any delay. The golden power combination not only makes malibu XL powerful, but also makes its power output smooth and brisk!