Hydrogen vehicles played a major role in the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-02 0 By

Energy saving and clean energy vehicles accounted for 84.9 percent of all vehicles guaranteed during the games, the highest ever for the Winter Olympics, according to the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics.Among them, there are a large number of cold-weather hydrogen cars, which are almost all the guarantee vehicles for mountain events.For the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, all carbon emissions will be neutralized.Compared with the Summer Olympics, a large number of venues in the Winter Olympics are located in the cold mountains, which is a great challenge for lithium-ion new energy vehicles, thus providing an opportunity for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to show their talents.”Both Chongli in Zhangjiakou and Haituo Mountain in Yanqing have temperatures below minus 20 degrees Celsius,” Chai Maorong, chief hydrogen energy expert at China Power Investment Corporation, told the media.At that temperature, almost no electric car can climb up, because electric cars don’t work at minus 20 degrees Celsius.In addition, yanqing race area from bottom to top, there is an altitude difference of 1500 meters, from Downtown Beijing to Yanqing all the way is climbing, which is also a test of the climbing ability of lithium battery electric vehicles.It takes a lot more power to climb a hill compared to flat ground.”What electric cars are currently not capable of doing, however, is the cold-resistant hydrogen roof.According to the Beijing Organizing committee for the Winter Olympics, more than 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and more than 30 hydrogen refueling stations will be in operation during the Games.Models include hydrogen fuel cell buses, hydrogen fuel cell cars, hydrogen fuel cell special vehicles such as snow wax vehicles.Experts revealed that the snow wax car is a special support vehicle for skiers to wax their skateboards. It can also start normally at -34℃.The complementarity between different types of new energy vehicles, should be said to have been significantly reflected in the Winter Olympics, the value of hydrogen energy vehicles, also show in front of people, so the organizing committee scientifically followed the “plain electricity, mountain with hydrogen” principle, give full play to the characteristics of electric vehicles and hydrogen energy vehicles.The spectacular performance of hydrogen cars at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics also showcased China’s rapid development in the use of hydrogen energy.There were just three hydrogen fuel cell buses for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 196 for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Now there are thousands of hydrogen fuel cell buses in demonstration operation for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Some observers pointed out that the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a sports event, but also a demonstration and promotion meeting of hydrogen energy vehicles in a sense. It is of great significance for people to further understand hydrogen energy vehicles and promote the faster development of hydrogen energy.Yang Fuyuan, a professor at tsinghua University’s School of Vehicles and Vehicles, even said that “China has made breakthroughs in key technologies for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles through the demonstration of the Winter Olympics, and has reached a world-leading level in some application scenarios.”After years of development of hydrogen energy vehicles, in the eyes of the industry, the cost of hydrogen fuel cell technology will fall in the next decade, about 85%, which is also very conducive to the popularization of hydrogen energy vehicles.Another industry development report predicts that the number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China will increase from 7,352 in 2020 to 100,000 in 2025, and the market size of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is expected to reach 80 billion yuan by 2025.It can be said that the large-scale beautiful travel of hydrogen energy vehicles in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics makes people feel that hydrogen energy vehicles are closer to our lives, and the popularity of hydrogen energy transportation in the future is also very foreseeable.