Cixi got up at 3 o ‘clock and went to court at 8 o ‘clock. What did she do for five hours in between?

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The name of Cixi is very familiar to everyone.Most people would not be able to describe her achievements, but most would be able to say at least three or four things about the Empress Dowager.As the most powerful person in the late Qing Dynasty, she did not think about how to save the qing dynasty with all her heart. Instead, she squandered the national Treasury with extravagance and frivolity, accelerating the demise of the Qing Dynasty.As famous as cixi for her ruthlessness and ruthlessness were her unique hobbies.Cixi, in order to satisfy her own vanity and embody the royal supremacy, did a lot of sensational things, even in her daily life, full of such things, even the schedule is very strange.Cixi Yin got up in the middle of the day and went to court at 8 o ‘clock. What did she do during those hours?Say out you may not be able to imagine, everywhere embodies her noble and unique.In the ancient feudal system, it was the norm for men to be superior to women.In more than two thousand years of feudal history, only two women stood on the highest position above ten thousand people, controlling the highest power of the feudal dynasty.One is the first empress Wu Zetian, and the other is the Empress Dowager Lagerfeld.Although cixi is not the empress, but her status can be higher than the emperor, after all, she can influence the appointment of the emperor, even the emperor in front of her, but also a puppet.She also held the supreme power of the dynasty, but she did not choose to make great efforts to promote the country like Wu Zetian, but chose to enjoy the various privileges brought by the power, the royal dignity, reflected incisively and vividly.Cixi did whatever she wanted, regardless of the consequences. After all, in her mind, the world was hers and she could do whatever she liked.According to legend, Cixi was fond of painting and calligraphy since she was a child, and had spent some time practicing, but failed to improve.As the existence of the peak of power, it is inevitable that she needs to write in her own handwriting, not to mention someone heard that she likes painting, in order to cater to her preferences, but also asked her for ink.Cixi knew what level she was. If she really gave away her “real works”, how would she let others see her work without laughing?Then where is her pride?So, she no expense, will be famous for a long time three masters of painting and calligraphy invited into the palace, specifically as her gunslingers, for her painting and writing, once someone asked her for ink treasure, or she had to write what, she would order these three gunslingers for her to complete.At the same time, in order not to betray themselves, she stifled the thoughts and development of the three, and ordered them to maintain their style without any alteration or variation, and not to try any other style, and not to speak of it.In this way, the three contemporary masters became the ghost writers of Cixi, and the space for their promotion was blocked by cixi.Even after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, these three people who had the potential to be immortalized became street performers, which cixi did no small harm to others.However, cixi in order to satisfy their own hobby, profit at the expense of others, waste money is not the only move, just her daily wake up to the shang Dynasty between the itinerary, there are a lot of links let people see amazing.As the most powerful person in the late Qing Dynasty, Cixi, in order to firmly hold the power in her own hands, of course, she had to go to work, that is, to the Court.Contrary to many people’s idea of waking up naturally, Cixi needs to get up on time in the morning, around 3 a.m., or she won’t have time to dress up and eat breakfast.However, it is well known that there were no alarm clocks during the Qing Dynasty, so she had to keep a number of maids outside the palace watching the clock all night.As soon as it’s time, I’ll call her again and again in a low voice by her bed until I wake her up.She did not have to wash herself. Once she got up, there were maids waiting outside the door, holding warm, wet towels and gently rubbing them on her hands.After applying it twice, she brought fresh mountain spring water, adjusted the water temperature, soaked rose petals and washed cixi’s hands.Wash your hands and repeat the same procedure to wash cixi’s face.Cixi had a special “cleansing milk” to wash her face. After washing her face, she would be washed and smeared with cixi’s special “skin care products” by the maids of honor, and then makeup.After the makeup, cixi was dressed and combed her hair, especially in combing her hair, cixi was the most picky.She hated to see her hair falling. Once the eunuch who combed his hair fell more, Cixi would give him a severe beating or even a lot of decapitation.So cixi’s hair eunuchs were replaced more often than today’s students change their signature pens.After combing her hair, Cixi stood up and let the maids of the court put on her clothes and ornaments one by one, two or three hours after she had risen.When she was finished, Cixi would take the customary puff of a cigarette to refresh herself.To prevent her mouth from smelling bad and to stay young, cixi would prepare a bowl of human breast milk to moisten her throat at the end of her smoking.After drinking her mother’s milk, Cixi ate a few bites of whatever she chose from the more than 100 elaborate dishes in the imperial pantry, then walked around the palace surrounded by eunuchs before being carried to court in her own sedan chair, just at 8 a.m.After learning about this part of Cixi’s journey, many people were greatly amazed, and also secretly scolded Cixi for her lack of morality and extravagance.Not to mention how many women had to be killed by a bowl of human breast milk to moisten their throats every day, the extravagance and waste of Cixi when she enjoyed more than 100 dishes at every meal at a time when the country was in a state of chaos and hardship made people gnash their teeth.However, it is important to remember that these steps are just the “routine” of Cixi’s daily life, and they are only the five hours between the time she woke up and the time she went to court.As for cixi’s other extravagant hobbies, there are many, even more wasteful.As a woman, she can enjoy such treatment in the feudal dynasty, can be said to be rare in history, but it is just her so greedy for enjoyment, so that the wind and rain of the Qing Dynasty has become more precarious, no wonder will bear so many names.