Beijing Union University: your exclusive winter Olympics “political thinking course” certificate will be delivered soon

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Ding dong!Please find!Your unique winter Olympics “big ideological and political course” certificate will be delivered soon!Absolute “one to one” tailored!The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be attended by 217 volunteers from the Beijing United Nations General Assembly.To the students’ surprise, the certificates were not only printed with photos of students volunteering for the Winter Olympics, but also with a “personalized comment” signed by chu Guoqing, the school’s party secretary.”You are beautiful and generous, not afraid of hard work, overcome the cold, no matter the cold wind or snow, over and over in the snow to complete the training and award tasks, let your beautiful eyes in the cold wind covered with frost.As part of the ceremony ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we will lead the athletes to receive the awards with the most beautiful posture, which perfectly shows the elegant demeanor of contemporary college students. We are proud of you!””You get up in the morning and head for your volunteer bus assistant;When evening comes, you drag your weary body back.In the volunteer journey of the Winter Olympics, you take sweat as footmark, learn knowledge, grow talent, dare to practice, willing to bear hardships, and constantly break through yourself, burning youth, coincides with the winter Olympics heyday, meet a better yourself, let the light of youth illuminate the City of double Olympics!”217 “unique” certificates show the smiling faces of 217 volunteers and 217 exclusive customized comments, bearing the school’s recognition of each volunteer.The certificates record their dedication and selfless dedication to the work during the service and guarantee of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. At the same time, they also record the people of the North United National Assembly in the classroom of the Winter Olympics to practice the youth oath of “please rest assured that the Party, the strong state”.Each certificate not only bears the school’s concern for the volunteers of the Winter Olympics, but also conveys the surprise and touching brought to the volunteers by the ice and snow pageant.”Shocked!I didn’t realize we all had different certificates!I was really touched by how much work the school had to do to give us this “surprise”.Who doesn’t love such a treasure school!”Winter Olympics accommodation facilities volunteer Liu jiawei can not help feeling.”It’s too warm!I couldn’t believe it when I got the certificate. The school really tried so hard to describe my Winter Olympics story so vividly that I knew it was me at a look. The dribs and DRBS of service came into my heart again at the moment!This is the memory and treasure of my life!””Said Liu Xiaoteng, a volunteer of the ceremony for the Winter Olympics.The 217 snowflakes of the North United Assembly are already looking forward to their certificates.Curious what your review will be like?Please feel free to study online at home, the certificate will be sent to your home soon!Every north “light snow flower” the UN general assembly in voluntary services contribute their strength in the games have growth benefited big education courses every games “big education courses” certificate are unique exclusive custom is shining warm and powerful words to the games to encourage more volunteers to them for the games of “big education courses” certainly Olympics volunteer experience is valuable spiritWealth with this experience, the harvest and glory of the North United Youth Congress will be better posture to meet the 20th victory of the Communist Party of China in the centenary of the Founding league in the process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ahead!