Again difficult also do not reuse, two people gradually marginalization, Du Feng has found a substitute

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The schedule of the third stage of the CBA has been announced, and Guangdong will face five teams including Shandong, Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Beikong and Ningbo in the remaining ten games.It can be said that the schedule is not too difficult for Guangdong men’s basketball team, after all, the strength of these five teams are not too strong, if we can grasp the opportunity, Guangdong men’s basketball regular season ranking will not be too bad.Of course, to achieve better results, Guangdong men’s basketball team or can not be careless, because they are relatively backward in the first two stages of the record, especially compared with liaoning men’s basketball team, Shanghai men’s basketball team, is a little big gap.In fact, the guangdong team goal is no longer a better regular season record, CBA more competitive this season, the original the liaoning men’s basketball team, zhejiang men’s basketball team to maintain the good competitive power, Shanghai men’s basketball team, the construction of men’s basketball team and the team’s fighting capacity is also improved, for the aim at defending the guangdong men’s basketball team is a big challenge,Du will definitely not allow injuries to his players for the sake of regular season results. He will be able to enter the playoffs with a more complete team, which is the most basic goal of Guangdong men’s basketball team and Du feng, and also their biggest capital to defend the title.Even though Du Feng and Guangdong men’s basketball team want to keep a more complete lineup, the reality is still not sparing Guangdong men’s basketball team, this season guangdong men’s basketball team is really continuous in terms of injuries, Yi Jianlian finally found his form in the second stage, but still can not play the offensive and defensive responsibilities.Marshang – Brooks has not played, the probability of regular season appearance is very low.In addition, there are Zhang Hao, Zhang Haojia, Zhao Rui and other people are troubled by different degrees of injury, before Du Feng proud of the five up and five down did not appear, which is enough to prove that guangdong men’s basketball personnel rotation shortage.In theory, an injury situation is a good opportunity for some players who don’t get playing time often or not, because they can seize the opportunity to get more playing time and make a name for themselves.But it is in this case, or someone can not seize the opportunity, there are two people gradually marginalized, Du Feng is no more difficult also do not give reuse, they are Zeng Fari and Wang Xinkai.The guangdong men’s basketball team insider relative shortage, the 26-year-old Zeng Fanri if done well, is sure to get more playing time, but has numerous Japan season averaging only 11.7 minutes of playing time, compared with 15.5 minutes last season decreased by 3.8 minutes, the second phase of the last five games, has numerous sunrise time is less than 10 minutes,With fujian men’s basketball game is only playing time 1 minutes, Du Feng is tight inside, also don’t let Zeng Farenri play a few minutes more.Wang xinkai is a good three-point shooter. In 2018-19 and 19-20 seasons, his three-point shooting percentage reached 40%+, especially in 2018-20 season, Wang xinkai’s three-point shooting percentage was as high as 16.5%, but in 21-22 season, Wang Xinkai’s three-point shooting percentage was only 34%, which was a lot lower than before.Playing time, Du Feng was not trying to shorten the king paid kiah’s playing time, but the second phase of the last four games, wang paid did you get his chance kay have two games, two games also has won seven minutes of playing time, simply don’t have much opportunity to perform, if the king paid kay sustained downturn, he will gradually be abandoned.Du feng’s coaching is based on the philosophy that the best are the best and the worst are the worst. If Zeng Fari and Wang Xinkai don’t perform well, someone else could replace them.Zhao, the former turnover king, has had a good second phase, averaging 3.5 points and 2.2 rebounds per game on 55.2 percent shooting and 41.7 percent from 3-point range, respectively, and is a malleable talent on both ends of the floor.Then there’s the young Zhang Hao, who can play inside and outside and is only 19 years old, who is more to be expected than Zeng.Zeng Fari is 26 years old, and Wang Xinkai is 27 years old. Both of them have missed the plastic period, and there is probably not much room for improvement in the future. Zhao Jinyang and Zhang Hao are different.Therefore, Zeng Fari and Wang Xinkai should have a sense of urgency, seize to find the state, strive for more performance time, otherwise it will gradually be abandoned by guangdong men’s basketball team.Duncan’s laugh