Zhenping County: urban renewal upsurge

2022-06-01 0 By

Live nanyang news (special reporter Tan Yating correspondent tube back to fruit) recently, Zhenping County Town Pu Road and street intersection before the illegal building was demolished in accordance with the law.After the completion of zhenpu Road, it will become another main road running through the north and south of zhenping old city, which will play a positive role in alleviating traffic pressure and improving the urban appearance.In order to do a solid job in urban renewal, Zhenping set up the headquarters and office of county urban renewal work, and set up five special work teams, implementing the system of “daily meeting, weekly bulletin, monthly report, quarterly observation”, “three-color supervision”, subcontracting contact with villages and towns, and decision-making process.To formulate the zhenping county accelerating urban renewal and reconstruction work implementation opinion “downtown” zhenping county city center city the improvement action plan for three years, the year applicant bank, the bank PengGai capital of 280 million yuan, all payment to the door, seven basic clearing PengGai legacy project tasks, five PengGai on the implementation of the new project.More than 80,000 square meters of illegal construction area were demolished in the crackdown on “three violations”.Roads, clean and tidy;Alleys, private building chaos disappear, occupy road management is hard to find…At present, shuttling through the streets and alleys of Zhenping County, standardized and orderly city appearance order, clean and sanitary city roads, step by step, all people are pleased with the city’s beautiful appearance level.Shi Tianjun, member of the Standing Committee of Zhenping County Party Committee, head of publicity department and deputy head of Zhenping County, said that the process of promoting the construction of exquisite cities and improving the quality of cities should be transformed into the process of refining party members and cadres and improving the happiness index of the masses, so that the masses can live in cities more conveniently, comfortably and happily.Editor: Qi Jie First instance: Li Ping Final instance: Bai Banxue