The new BMW X5 M has a 4.4T V8 engine and will be available as soon as this year

2022-06-01 0 By

Easy car news recently, we had a new BMW X5 M from relevant sources photos, new car is the fastest is expected to debut in years, then may be mass production in April next year, the future will have more trendy appearance and interior design, will change with iX similar surface double screen, and will continue to carry the current use of 4.4 T V8 engine.In terms of appearance design, the front face and tail of the new BMW X5 M are expected to be further optimized and upgraded. The double kidney grille, headlights, taillight, front bar and rear bar and other parts will adopt new styles. After the official debut in the future, the vehicle is expected to have a stronger sense of sport.Interior design, through the previous spy photos can see the new BMW X5 M is expected to have a great change, in BMW iX curved double screen may be used by the new car, then the car’s sense of technology and human-computer interaction convenience will be further enhanced.In terms of powertrain, BMW has yet to give an exact information, but it is expected to continue to have a 4.4T V8 engine with power exceeding 441 kw and higher torque than 750 N · m, matching with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and perhaps adding 48V light blend technology for better fuel economy.