Suri hasn’t seen Cruise in eight years, and Angelina Jolie Pitt’s daughter is as much like her mother as her father

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Interview with the Vampire made us realize that cruise and Brad Pitt could be just as elegant and glamorous as those tough guys.Since then, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, both Hollywood hunks, have often been singled out.Turns out, they are really similar!For example, both of them are promiscuous and marry several times.Both have amazing, beautiful daughters at their knees.The difference is that Cruise is cruel to his daughter. He didn’t see her for eight years after his divorce.Pitt, who is also divorced, is very devoted to the child and regards her as a treasure in his hand.Single parents: Why are Suri and Shiloh so different?Tom Cruise is speechless!At the age of 25, cruise married Mimi Rogers, a Third-tier Hollywood star.It’s no exaggeration to say that Mimi Rogers is the woman who changed Cruise’s life.Because not long after they got married, Mimi Rogers took Cruise to a magical church.How much this church influenced Cruise will be discussed later.After three years of marriage, their marriage was on the rocks.The same year he divorced Mimi Rogers, Cruise married the reflective nicole Kidman.In a later interview, Kidman revealed that Cruise’s protection meant no one in Hollywood would bother her.But what Nicole Kidman can’t accept is that cruise, in her life, is so stubborn that she breaks down.Nicole Kidman has been unable to conceive since her marriage.After some discussion, the two decided to adopt the children.Cruise said he was required to adopt a child from the church.Who does it make a difference?So Nicole Kidman didn’t hesitate to say yes.However, after bringing the two children home, there were more conflicts.Both parents, it turned out, were still alive;Both children were not close to Kidman after being raised by their biological parents.Sometimes Kidman and Cruise would discuss it, and cruise would tell her to ‘suck it up.’In the end, the kids didn’t even call her “Mom.”Nicole Kidman danced for joy after her divorce. The two, who had been in love, filed for divorce in 2001.Cruise also had several girlfriends over the years.But cruise never got married because they didn’t meet the church’s requirements for a spouse.It wasn’t until 2005 that Cruise met Katie.Katie, who is simple and beautiful, gave birth to a daughter, Suri, the year after she and Cruise became boyfriend and girlfriend.That church had a big influence on Cruise.It turns out that Cruise married Katie after their daughter was born.During the wedding, cruise was told to put her in a room by herself to strengthen her spirit.Katie is crying her eyes out in the room as a baby, but Cruise doesn’t take any notice!Katie, who was a bride at the time, was chilled by the ruthless Tom.Perhaps, the divorce of the lead, as early as here buried the lead.Suri, of course, was cradled in cruise’s arms as a child.With perfect genes from both her mother and father, Suri looks every inch a princess in her beautiful puffy dress.Unfortunately, the little princess’s happy life, at the age of seven, there was a gap.That year, Katie finally took her daughter to a successful divorce after signing an unequal treaty.In the next eight years, Cruise, who took doctrine above all else, never visited Suri.During this time, however, he was very kind to his two adopted children.Cruise also had a dowry for his stepdaughter when she married.In a 2020 interview, Cruise said he missed his daughter and wanted to improve his relationship with her.She did not see her daughter for eight years because the church did not approve.Now a miss to make Suri forget their wronged?Tom cruise is quite capricious when his dad is like this.But compared with Suri, Shiloh, who grew up in a single-parent family, is the palm of his parents’ hand.Photos of Jolie Pitt’s daughter Shiloh sold for $4.1 million in June 2006.Are they waiting for some big star?Not really.Originally, as early as a month before the time, about to give birth to Julie went to Africa to wait for the birth.Reporters had to wait to get a shot of Jolie and Pitt’s first biological daughter.After all, it has been revealed that a reporter even sneaked into the hospital where Jolie was staying, only to be caught by Pitt “greeting” her before being taken to the police.In fact, it’s not surprising.You know, when Jolie and Pitt were young, they were both famous for their high looks.In every move, there is an indescribable charm.At the time, websites wondered: Who would their daughter look like?Seeing everyone so graceful, Pitt sold the first public photo of his daughter to People.A photo that doesn’t show anything sold for $4.1 million.Since then, little Shiloh has become one of journalists’ favorite stars.When he was about a year old, Helo was cute and cuddly, with big eyes like Pete’s.From the age of three or four, Hilo was mischievous and cute, like a tomboy.Especially when wearing slightly neutral clothes, it is very like a little boy.At that time, some media speculated: the child, grow up to be like his father.However, go neutral style Shiloh, is also handsome let a person shine at the moment.Helo looks cool in his suit and back;In a hoodie and shorts, Helo looks like a beautiful, melancholy teenager.During that time, it was because the clothes were too androgynous, and there were rumors in the media that Helo was actually a transgender teenager;There was even talk that Shiloh was going to have sex reassignment surgery.As she gets older, she’s like one of those baby prediction apps where she takes after mom and dad!In a black dress next to Julie, Shiloh looked a little baby fat, with delicate and beautiful features;With a light makeup and floral dress, she looks like mom and Dad.Who doesn’t like such a beautiful daughter!So, despite jolie and Pitt’s divorce, her parents’ love for her remains unchanged.Both Jolie and Pitt dote on their eldest daughter.Unlike Suri, Shiloh is loved by his parents.Not to mention that every family has a skeleton in the cupboard!Even in rich families, parents and children have their own troubles.