Shenyang demarcates “hard bar” to post “Public notice list” in Hong District

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This article is from:People’s Daily “revitalization of the new breakthrough, I want to be a pioneer”, the special action of shenyang yuhong focus on “the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in northeast area, shenyang revitalization of the western development growth pole” of the target, stick to break through the target tasks, delimit the indicators “prescription”, posted performance list of the public, fully stimulate the party member cadre “fight, rob, goes all out” the spirit and power,Strive to create a new situation of high quality development of Yuhong.In order to determine the responsibility.Revitalization of the new breakthroughs in focusing on 12 task, set up by the district leadership headed TuiJinZu 12 work, through the task submission, responsibility of the special departments for advice, most scientific reasoning, after successively five rounds of analysis and research, science formulation “yuhong” revitalization of the new breakthrough, I want to be a pioneer “special operation task list” and “yuhong window task list”,Make clear the responsible departments and persons for each indicator.The secretary of the District Party Committee led the standing committee of the District Party committee to listen to the reports of various departments, “dissecting sparrows” item by item, pointing out the shortcomings and research breakthroughs.District party secretary Zhu Wenbo said, Yuhong district around the “revitalization of the new breakthrough, I want to be a pioneer” special action, speak innovation, out of practical recruitment, show “the most brilliant real achievements”, Yuhong cadres to strengthen the mentality of rushing to the examination, stimulate the attitude of advancing, boost the sprint state, in the revitalization of the development of the bear, fight for progress.To blame the effect.Seize the principal contradiction, in accordance with the pragmatic principles to ensure breakthrough task efficiently promote, yuhong draw out “prescription”, emphasis on land expropriation, tax sources economy, the ground projects, investment promotion and capital introduction, fixed investment and domestic capital six indicators, such as “public” every month, in accordance with the completion of the streets and OuZhi department rankings, let a low-ranking have pressure, top add power;Quarterly “review”, the organization of the comprehensive ranking of the top 3 and after 3 units of the main person in charge of a special report, talk about the promotion method, said there are problems, to seek progress, and the special report process as the process of inspection and identification of cadres;At the end of the “ask effect”, on the basis of district performance evaluation results, strengthen the use of city performance evaluation results, for the city’s top units, in the cadre selection and use, evaluation, performance evaluation to tilt, ranked units, all do downgrades.By demarcating “hard bars” and Posting “public lists”, cadres show their professionalism, innovation and breakthrough ability.Perform with efficiency.To break through the task list, Yuhong District focuses on the well-being of the people, and formulates a “good medicine recipe” for “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” in the field of people’s livelihood. Focusing on the improvement of the three networks, fine management and the construction of pocket parks and other practical matters concerning people’s livelihood, yuhong District has formulated responsibility lists for district departments, streets and villages (communities), and publicized the monthly schedule of construction units.Comprehensive evaluation and acceptance shall be carried out through monthly progress evaluation, quarterly mass satisfaction evaluation and annual quality follow-up evaluation.Give a region-wide notice to district departments that perform their duties poorly and streets and communities with low cooperation degree;Construction units with slow construction progress and low satisfaction evaluation will be put into the project “blacklist” and will not be used in the future.Under the rallying call of “revitalize new breakthrough, I want to be the pioneer” special action, Yuhong District will gather strength, all-out attack, decisive battle to win the “red year”, take the overall situation as the biggest pattern, strive for the first as the highest coordinate, the struggle as the most beautiful posture, the performance as the hardest confidence.