Only say good!A selection of Wednesday’s public company announcements

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1· wuxi Apptec performance Report: The net profit in 2021 increased by 72.19% year-on-year.2. Shoukai Stock plans to introduce new investors to Chengdu Shoukai Yitai Property, the latter will hold 40% of the shares.3. Performance Report of Tianzhu Technology: The net profit in 2021 increased by 26.06% year on year.4. Chuanneng Power: The accurate production time of Lijiagou Lithium Mine project is uncertain.5. Songcheng Performing Arts: Foshan Project has completed the basic construction and the opening time will be reasonably and effectively arranged according to the epidemic situation and the low season of tourism.6. Performance Report of CCCC: The net profit in 2021 will increase by 17.92% year on year.7. Daan Gene: The company has provided COVID-19 nucleic acid test kits to many provinces and regions across China, including Hong Kong.8. Actions Technology: The company provides core components and application solutions for lithography machine manufacturers.9. Osecan: The clinical trial of ASKC202 tablets, a new drug of the subsidiary, was approved.10. Unikde: about 30.29 million new shares will be issued.11. Rambler Performance Express: Net profit growth of 14.18% in 2021.12. Snow Day Salt Industry: It has established 30 branches outside China and is recruiting logistics distributors nationwide.13. New Novi: The company mainly has long-term orders for Customers of Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Red Bull, and the price transmission is relatively smooth.14. Huadong Pharmaceutical: At present, the first batch of products delivered from Kuxue Glacial Spa have been officially listed in Shanghai in January this year.15. Power source: The company has received relevant subsidies for the development project of high-efficiency and high-stability DCDC for fuel cell vehicles.16. Zhongyuan Media Performance Report: The net profit in 2021 will increase by 3.81% year-on-year.17. Praxis Pharma: Voriconazole for injection has obtained marketing authorization from the UK Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority.18. Shanghai CNC: The net profit of 2021 is about 1.637 billion yuan, an increase of 208.01% year on year.19. China Pacific Insurance co., LTD. : The original insurance business revenue in January totaled 76.895 billion yuan.20. Ningbo Huaxiang: The company has bought back 11.21 million shares, accounting for 1.377%.21. Dongfang Cable: won the 1.39 billion yuan offshore wind power cable general contract project.22. Jiangnan Chemical: The first asset injection of Norinco has been completed.· TigerPharma: The initial repurchase of approximately 16,600 shares.24. MCC: The newly signed contract value in January was 110.18 billion yuan, up 6.4% year on year.25. Booz Software: At present, the company’s unified payment platform business has covered 18 provinces including Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Gansu and Ningxia.26· wuxi Apptec Performance Report: Net profit of 5.097 billion yuan in 2021 increased by 72.19% year on year.27. Huayuan Holding: The company is entrusted to participate in the postcard printing business of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.28· Hepalink: The cM-AT and CX-01 varieties covered by the company through industrial investment are in phase III clinical stage.29. Changchang Logistics intends to acquire 100% equity of Hengan Guangxin.30. Beijing Kerui: It plans to set up secondary subsidiaries to construct and implement rooftop photovoltaic power generation projects.31. Innovation Technology: The company won the bidding of the outsourcing auxiliary marketing project of digital RMB merchant development of Hebei Branch of China Construction Bank.32. Sanfeng Environment: Net profit will increase by over 70% in 2021.33· YIDA Shares: The trial production of Taixing Yida epoxy propane project is in progress.34· Hangyang Co., LTD. : The large air separation equipment produced by the company has been widely used in modern coal chemical industry and synthetic ammonia industry. The company will actively pay attention to the trends of relevant industries.35· State Grid Yingda: Wuhan Nanrui has advanced technology of composite power poles and towers and its market share ranks in the forefront of the industry.36· Ju Immortal Pharmaceutical: The prednisolone API of the company passes the Japanese GMP compliance inspection, which is conducive to the terminal market development of the raw material products of the company.37. Heilan Home: The company is currently the exclusive formal attire partner of The Chinese National Men’s Football Team.38· Wise Medical: The r&d expense of the company in 2020 is RMB 34.2874 million yuan without bank loans.39. Hejia Medical: The company’s digital X-ray photography system and high voltage generator have obtained patent authorization 11 patents in total during the validity period of the project.40· Dongpeng Beverage Performance Report: Net profit increased by 46.9% year-on-year in 2021.