I don’t have to pay back what I owe, do I?Starting in 2022, five types of debt will be legal

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A lot of people in the capital problems, will be through borrowing money to emergency, but after too slow, from the heart of many people, in fact, are not willing to repay the debt, but due to the constraints of morality and agreement, the money has to be returned.People often say that wealth is not exposed, once too much exposure of their wealth, in addition to attract the envy of some people, also will bring a lot of trouble, for example, some people may be jealous of the heart, and some people will you borrow money, borrowed may not return.Most of the people who borrow money are close to them. Generally speaking, many people can pay back on time after borrowing money. They are afraid that some people will run away after borrowing money.If there is a contract, through the legal way to rights, afraid of some people in the loan to others without written evidence, at this time to take back the money can be in trouble.But there are a few circumstances owe money is also need not return, owe money can also not return?Starting in 2022, five types of debt will be legal.Paying debts is natural, but some people take it for granted.And in real life, such a person is not a few, because of these arrears and drag in more contradictions.After borrowing money from others, some people are thinking about how not to pay back the money to others, but for some people with a better attitude, may not even think about it, just ready to refuse.And have these a few kinds of arrears behavior, can need not return completely.The first is usury.The interest of usury is very high. Although the country has been cracking down on all kinds of illegal usury behaviors, in real life, some individuals or institutions still charge very high interest rates when lending money to others, generally four times the bank interest rate.A lot of people have seen because of the loan shark and unable to repay the debt forced case, in fact, things are not so complicated, just because people lack legal awareness, in the first danger, did not pick up the law to protect their rights and interests.If you are asked to pay a high interest rate in the process of borrowing from a loan shark, you do not have to pay it back. If you are forced to pay, you can directly go to the police to solve the problem.Then there are debts owed by one spouse that the other doesn’t have to pay.This is for unilateral borrowers, such as the husband borrowed a lot of money, and in the name of the husband, that part of the wife does not have to repay, if the borrower bullied the wife, is also illegal.Even a husband’s personal bank loan, if the money is not transferred to his wife’s name, is the husband’s sole responsibility.The third is routine loan.Many students have encountered this kind of publicity. Some conventional loan agencies will spread the news of low loan threshold and low interest on campus, so that students without financial ability are trapped in it.When you really try to borrow money, you find that the interest rate of the loan is too high to be estimated. If you fail to repay the loan, you will be encouraged to borrow money from other platforms. However, these platforms are all in collusion with each other.In this case, be sure to seek legal help, as a kind of illegal loan behavior, this kind of money itself does not need to return.The fourth is the beheading.What is a beheading?If we went up loan company borrowed 100 thousand yuan, if interest is to calculate according to 15%, oneself need to repay place to borrow principal and interest to go only when the time comes.However, when the loan company gives you the money, the original 100,000 yuan, maybe only 90,000 yuan, then the loan company will tell you that 10,000 yuan is the security deposit.That is to say, what oneself borrow has 90 thousand yuan only, but when to repay, will repay according to the principal and interest of 100 thousand yuan.Therefore, in the face of this kind of beheading rest, also can not repay.The last one is debt due to information theft.Now the network is very developed, and the technology of swindlers is more and more advanced, a little careless, it is possible to lead to the disclosure of personal information, so that others borrowed money in their own name, and ultimately their own to repay.However, do not panic when you encounter this situation, if it is really a personal information disclosure caused by the loan, you can immediately report to the police, it is not their own debt, is not repaid.