Changan CS35PLUS limited time offer is now available from 64,900 yuan

2022-06-01 0 By

★ To buy Changan car, enjoy the province’s ultra-low, multiple gifts, you come to get ★ all models cash discount to high 10000 yuan, comprehensive discount to high 24000 yuan;Network customers to make an appointment to the store test drive to send a beautiful gift;Network customers to the store to order a car successfully send a thousand yuan worth of car gift package;This month a small number of cars to the shop, limited number!!Financial loan discount up to 9000 yuan, some models can enjoy 3 years of 0 interest;(Some models);Old car replacement new car can be subsidized 8,000 yuan;(Some models);Basic traffic can be free for life;(Some models);To hunan Run Jinqi warship shop to buy Changan automobile to send exquisite gifts;Interested friends can go to the shop consultation purchase, first come first served yo.The specific discount information is as follows :(a small program has been added here, please check it on the tongche di client)