A year sold 1.4 billion bottles, known as the “bar handle” niu Lanshan, but has become a blend wine?

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Guide language: sell 1.4 billion bottles a year, known as “bar handle” cow lanshan, but has become a blend wine?Old Beijing niulanshan Erguotou, known as the “bar handle” in the liquor industry.Whether it is street barbecue stalls, breakfast shop, or hot hot pot restaurant, can see the figure of Niulanshan.In the hearts of our fathers, that is a good wine to say the least!Why is Niulanshan called “bar handle”?▶ Reason number one: Because it tastes more comfortable and smooth!When it comes to Erguotou, many people like to compare Red Star with Niulanshan. Compared with Red Star, Niulanshan uses a combination of “solid-liquid method” in its brewing process, without the spiciness after secondary distillation, and without the pure alcoholic taste of liquid liquor.Drinking, the most direct is taste, cattle ranshan just do this!When consumers were asked what they thought of Niu LAN SAN, almost all of them said it was cheap.Especially in the 1950s, Erguotou was the “home wine” of old Beijing.Unlike expensive high-end liquor such as Maotai and Wuliangye, Niulanshan has been deeply involved in the lives of people at the bottom.”Driving BMW drink ox er”, is the special style brought by “cheap” niulanshan.▶ Third reason: There is no overwhelming advertising in the liquor category, Erguotou is a school of its own in brand promotion.It’s not heavily advertised on TV, but it’s easy to find, thanks to street vendors, hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants and supermarkets of all sizes.But Niu Lanshan isn’t passive in its advertising. It knows consumers want two things when it comes to drinking: cheap and good.And it can satisfy both.Combined with the above three points, this is also why Niulanshan can sell 1.4 billion bottles a year, the so-called “carrying the handle” is not a vain reputation!So, is cow Ranshan mixed wine?Undeniably, Niulanshan is not made by the “solid method”, but by the combination of solid and liquid, into the daily life of ordinary people.However, Niulanshan is not only low-end products, there are mid-end layout, like centuries-old Niulanshan, treasures Niulanshan, are solid pure grain wine, taste full, clear hierarchy.As one of the popular brands of Erguotou, the most valuable thing is that it does not persist in one place, but inherits the wine culture to thousands of people.The so-called Chinese wine culture must be like this.However, nowadays, the market evaluates the quality of a liquor based on its high price and reputation, ignoring the spirit of traditional baijiu itself.The following two wines stick to themselves by culture and seek development by quality. Only the wine industry with real strength can gain a firm foothold in the turbulent market.The following 2 wine, not as good as a look: Jun Yuan private wine and Niulanshan is the same, this wine never divorced from the public life, people like, this is it always pursue the goal.Grain selection, koji making, cooking, fermentation, storage, time to make each bottle of wine from the field to the tip of the tongue clearly visible process.Is also the brewer had chuanzheng (maotai former factory director Li Xingfa acts) has been adhering to the belief.Especially in the selection of grain, the high price of red silk glutinous sorghum has never been the second, but the selection of grain standards more stringent and meticulous.It is also because of the conscientious wine making faith, won the applause of local wine friends.Open a bottle to smell sweet, a very “overbearing” aroma gushing and come, smell the precipitation that knew to experience time, full-bodied and not depressing, full-bodied and not delicate and charming, have a full grain fragrance instead.The entrance will have a special “thick feeling”, smooth and simple, the liquor tightly held a ball, condensed and smooth, tight group and, there is no spicy feeling in the lower throat, but the stomach warm rising.The comfort is self-evident and the feeling of being high is wonderful!Drinking baijiu will never go out of style, because young people always grow up.The new generation of Niulanshan has “donkey kick horse”, and the new generation of Yu wine bear “Yangshao”.One of the most distinctive is the colored pottery Workshop series, up and down two kinds of wine body, free hook tone.Yangshao culture filled it, so that young people at the wine table is no longer bored.Dili is more affordable than “Tianshi” series. Compared with Renhe, its taste is softer and mellow, which makes it popular among people.