Today, the beginning of spring, let us hand in hand to welcome the Winter Olympics, together to the future!

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At 4:51 PM today, we usher in the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, is also the first solar term of spring – Start of Spring.”Month make seventy-two hou set solution” : “li, built also, the five elements of the gas, to lead, the continuation, in this and spring wood of the gas began to, so that the li also.”Winter to spring, spring marks all things closed in the past winter will be the New Year new atmosphere, cheer up, let us together to welcome the arrival of spring!This engraving of the 24 Solar terms — The beginning of Spring, collected in Beijing Ancient Observatory, presents a picture of a shepherd boy honking his horn, cattle proclaiming spring, and swallows returning. Since the beginning of Spring, the east wind brings warmth, the earth returns to spring, and the water warms three points.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of the year, the beginning of the ganzhi year, but also the beginning of the year, marking the Xin Chou year has passed, Renyin year in the future.On the day before the start of Spring, the length of the shadow was measured at the Beijing Ancient Observatory by using a compass.As the saying goes, “a country is based on its people, and food is the most important thing for the people”. Since ancient times, food has been the most basic means of survival for human beings, and the position of agriculture is prominent in food production, which shows its importance.Around the start of spring every year, the emperor would personally go to the fields to work, to encourage farming and pray for a good harvest, and xiannong Altar was the place where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices to their ancestors and held pro-farming ceremonies.Yongzheng emperor ancestor farmers figure Beijing museum of ancient buildings yongzheng emperor put his ideas into 耤 field figure Beijing museum of ancient architecture of qing dynasty court painter using realistic way, making clear the sejong plowed yongzheng emperor worship the god of agriculture and the first kiss till the grand scene, paint a fluctuation two picture, respectively for the yongzheng emperor ancestor farmers and yongzheng emperor put his ideas into 耤 field figure, now in Beijing museum of ancient buildings.Among them, one mu three points is the Core of Beijing Xitian Farming culture area, is the Ancient Chinese Emperor pro-farming farmland “think the world first” Xitian Ceremony activities area, has a unique historical and cultural value.”The east wind blows the plum tip snow, saves the world spring overnight.”The beginning of spring season, plum blossom is not afraid of cold, laugh ao frost snow, always for the earth timely spread the first ray of spring news of the New Year!This qing Dao Light red ground white plum blossom pattern plate is collected in Beijing Art Museum. The five petals of flowers symbolize five blessings, and the butterflies symbolize vitality. The whole dish gives people a very peaceful, happy and beautiful feeling.Plum blossom alone in early spring, with elegant and elegant character and the charm of the scanty shadow, is a symbol of beauty and happiness of the auspicious flower.Through the ages, countless people pour their deep feelings into plum blossom, so it has become an enduring elegant fashion.Today the beginning of spring, baicao back bud, all things recovery, let us hand in hand to welcome the Winter Olympics, together to the future!Sources: Beijing Art Museum Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture, Beijing Ancient Observatory