The Ministry of Civil Affairs: Those who are unable to return to their hometowns due to the epidemic should be provided with temporary assistance

2022-05-31 0 By

Beijing, January 25 (Xinhua) –According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ regular press conference for the first quarter of 2022 held on Thursday, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will step up temporary assistance to ensure the basic living conditions of those affected by the epidemic during the Spring Festival. Those who cannot return to their hometowns due to the epidemic will receive temporary assistance directly.Areas where conditions permit are encouraged to grant temporary living allowances or physical goods to people in difficulty to ensure their peace of mind during the Spring Festival.The Ministry of Civil Affairs also made other arrangements to ensure the basic livelihood of the needy during the festival.The Ministry of Civil Affairs has instructed local civil affairs departments to step up efforts to ensure that people living on subsistence allowances, people living in extreme poverty and other people in need need of assistance, timely and in full, and encouraged local governments to provide assistance in advance where conditions permit.The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Affairs have allocated 132.9 billion yuan from the central budget for 2022 to support local governments in ensuring basic living standards for poor people.In addition, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has guided local governments in closely monitoring and following up on price changes, and launched a mechanism to link social assistance and security standards with price increases in accordance with regulations, so as to ease the impact of price increases on the lives of people in need.In terms of heating assistance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has guided the northern regions to further strengthen heating assistance, timely issue heating subsidies, and provide cotton clothing, quilts, fuel and other cold-resistant materials to help people in need solve practical difficulties in winter.According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of winter, 14 provinces including Beijing and Liaoning have provided heating subsidies totaling 2.55 billion yuan, benefiting 4.25 million households in need.”We will guide and urge local civil affairs departments to step up efforts to provide social assistance to those in need, implement various assistance policies and measures in detail, and ensure that people in need have a warm, safe and peaceful Spring Festival.””Said Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Social assistance department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.(Reporter Gao Lei) Editor/Tian Ye