State Network Chenzhou power supply company: stationed in the Spring Festival power protection line to guard the lights of thousands of households

2022-05-31 0 By

Rednet moment February 2 (correspondent Pan Xiaoyang) “The ice-melting line is finished, the station equipment has returned to normal operation mode.”On January 31, the thawing of the 110-kilovolt wide line was successfully completed, which is the fourth line to cope with the cold wave during the 2022 Spring Festival.When the lunar New Year’s Eve of the Tiger comes, the operation and maintenance personnel of state Grid Chenzhou Power Supply Company substation substation substation are still on standby 24 hours a day for anti-freezing and thawing work.It is reported that due to the influence of the new cold wave, continuous freezing rain and snow weather occurred in Chenzhou, and the “wave of returning home” during the Spring Festival, the electricity load continued to rise, and the load in chenzhou city reached a new high during the Spring Festival on The 31st.The company fully into the emergency “prepare for war” state, stern, enhance vigilance to deal with the impact of severe weather.In 220 kV Quan Yi substation, operation and maintenance personnel Cao Xiaoquan and others are acting separately, a group of wind and cold shuttle in the station equipment area, holding the thermometer, the main transformer, switch and other equipment inspection, inspection and maintenance of each interval;The other group cooperated with the dispatching to carry out line anti-freezing and ice-thawing, timely checked the DC ice-thawing system and uploaded real-time detection data to ensure the safe and controllable operation of the substation.Up to now, the operation and maintenance personnel of the company have completed the operation and maintenance of 8 substations, successfully completed the deicing work of 110 kv lower 10,000 line, water load line, wide full line and 35 kV pond white line, successfully and safely cleared the ice covering on the power line, providing a reliable guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power grid.Cao Xiaoquan, 45, is an ordinary operation and maintenance worker at the company. This is the 21st year he has been on the frontline of power protection during the Spring Festival.”There is a responsibility to stick to the Spring Festival, there is a habit called ‘Spring Festival I am on duty’, there is a New Year flavor called ‘Spring Festival power supply’.It is also the happiest thing for me to spend a peaceful, warm and bright Spring Festival for the people of the whole city.”Cao xiaoquan said.