Refuse high price low match!At present, these 4 phones are almost zero bad reviews, covering the middle, high, low three grades

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Now consumer buys a mobile phone to be able to say is too clever, the money that pays must buy good mobile phone, so to exterior, performance, take a picture, the respect such as endurance is extremely pursue, it is to refuse high price low to match directly more, what mobile phone did not know you bought recently?Refuse high price low match!At present, these 4 phones are almost zero bad reviews, covering middle, high and low three grades!Compared with the iPhone 13 Mini, the gelatinized iPhone 13, and the heavy iPhone 13 Pro Max, I personally find the iPhone 13 Pro to be more attractive. The good-looking appearance and powerful configuration have won many people’s praise!Although the price of the iPhone 13 Pro is a bit high, starting at 7,999 yuan, it has nothing to do with “low cost”.The front is equipped with top AMOLED screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, and there are beautiful far peak blue color options, equipped with full life VERSION A15 bionic chip, running 6GB of memory and iOS15 want to listen, rear 12 megapixel triple camera, support 3x optical zoom, 2x optical zoom and up to 15x digital zoom.At the same time, there are dual cards and IP68 level waterproof and dustproof.All in all, the iPhone 13 Pro is well-balanced across the board, and it’s fair to expect a lot of positive reviews.2: iQOO 9 Pro said iQOO 9 Pro is high price low match, that is certainly not appropriate, because this phone stack material is particularly fierce, configuration fully worthy of its price, can be used to describe the cost-effective, is also well received!To be honest, this iQOO 9 Pro is an Android phone. Have you bought it?Let’s take a look at its configuration. It is equipped with 2K E5 ultra Retina screen on the front, supports 120Hz refresh rate, has a good ultrasonic 3D wide area fingerprint, is equipped with a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, supports independent display chip Pro, and with the Origin Ocean system, the performance runs directly over one million.The performance of the camera is not bad, equipped with a larger size of Samsung GN5 sensor, and there is a micro holder, built-in 4700mAh battery, support 120W super fast charging technology, the overall strength is not generally strong.Redmi K40 Redmi K40 can be bought for about 2000 yuan, have to say that this phone has been very sincere!Don’t think cheap is not good, this Redmi K40 is not simple, all aspects of the configuration can let you sit up and take notice.The front of the phone is Samsung E4 material face screen, support 120Hz high refresh rate, should be relatively rare at the same price.In terms of hardware, the Redmi K40 is powered by the highly acclaimed Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, running the LPDDR5+UFS3.1 combination, which is smooth and stable in use.In addition, there are NFC function, infrared remote control and dual speakers, photography, battery life is not obvious shortcomings, all aspects of the arrangement is clearly, it is actually a phone without shortcomings, so it has been very good sales, including now the Red rice K50 series has also been released, as many people choose this Redmi K40 phone.4: Samsung Galaxy F52 Many people may think that Samsung only has high-end flagship phones, so the impression has always been that this brand of phones are expensive.In fact, this brand also has a thousand yuan mobile phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy F52 mobile phone, long ago dropped to about 1600.To be honest, this Samsung Galaxy F52 phone is also worthy of recognition in all aspects. It is equipped with a 6.6-inch LCD high-brush screen on the front, equipped with snapdragon 750G processor, 64 million full-focus quad-camera on the rear, and 4500mAh battery +25W wired quick charge. From these hardware parameters, we can know that it is not simple.You can still see the value for money.At the same time, Samsung has such a good reputation in craftsmanship, which is quite attractive. The price of 1000 yuan can be seen that Samsung has been trying to please Chinese consumers, don’t you think?