Qingdao Zhanshan community “garbage classification small lecture hall” began!

2022-05-31 0 By

China shandong net – perception, shandong province, February 10 In order to further improve the residents’ awareness of garbage classification, popularize knowledge of garbage classification, 2022 at the start of the New Year, Qingdao zhanshan community open “garbage classification small hall”, for children, please share the garbage classification of small knowledge, “– -” the trinity, the garbage classification small propagandist.Today we bring the first lecture is Lu Han meng children, let’s listen to her nursery rhyme – “Garbage classification”.There are many kinds of small garbage, which are classified and put by you and me, and four buckets of blue, green, red and gray.Recyclable bucket like blue sky, put plastic paper inside;Kitchen waste bucket color like grass, food peel put good;Harmful barrel color like red light, battery medicine put in it;Other garbage can’t forget, gray VAT inside put.