“Ji ‘nan Writers’ Hall” started the collection of exhibits

2022-05-31 0 By

Joint network – to fully reflect the jinan literary career with age, with the people the development course of breathing, jinan writers association and the joint preparation for establishment of jinan city library (influences &styles “jinan writer pavilion”, designed to better show jinan cadastral writer creations, builds the platform for exchange, research literature, make contribution to the literature to “cultural jinan” construction.On February 8, “Ji ‘nan Writers hall” started to collect exhibits. According to the principle of voluntarism, writers decide whether to donate.The collection of exhibits mainly includes more than three volumes of literary works, collections and selected books published by jinan writers. Works created by non-Jinan writers that reflect jinan’s cultural landscape and social development are also included in the collection.In addition to books, the collection of exhibits also includes regular newspapers and periodicals that publish the works of Jinan writers, publicize and comment on the works of Jinan writers, pictures and videos of important seminars and literary activities that Jinan writers participate in, as well as writers’ manuscripts, letters and writing supplies that have won important literary awards at or above the provincial level.The pictures, audio and video materials shall indicate the time, place and content of the activity.The above exhibits will be displayed, borrowed and collected in the special space of Jinan Library.The collection will be completed until March 31, 2022. The exhibits can be delivered by express delivery or directly. The receiving address is Room 802, Longhuan Building, No. 17199, Tourism Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan.(United Network reporter Liu Wei)