In 2003, a man from Hubei province, regretful on the same day, went to Henan to look for those saved

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April 29, 2003, 4 PM, Manaoguan Village, Gucheng County, Xiangfan City, Hubei province.Agate village villagers In the mountains Zheng Yongcheng and Lv Xiangcheng two people, just came back from outside the village, the boat has not landed, two people heard a cry for help.Zheng Yongcheng, who was always ready to help others, immediately looked through the sound and saw a drowning person in the distance. At this time, he had slipped into deep water and could only struggle desperately, even without Shouting.Without hesitation, Cheng jumped into the water and quickly swam toward the drowning man.Zheng Yongcheng is very good at swimming, but the clothes on the body did not have time to take off, at this time tightly wrapped on the body, swimming is also very difficult.He swam desperately to the drowning man and reached out his hand to hold him.The drowning person had already choked a few saliva, at this time jumped to hug Zheng Yongcheng tightly, no matter how to do not let go.Zheng Yongcheng was caught off guard and saw that he would also be dragged into deep water. He tried his best to break away and quickly swam behind the drowning person.After that, Zheng yongcheng slowly pushed him with both hands and swam toward the shore.Lv Xiangcheng saw two people coming, immediately stretched out his hand to pull a, successfully rescued the drowning.Cheng was exhausted, but the man who fell into the water was even worse, completely limp on the ground, his eyes closed and his stomach bulging.Without time to think, Lu xiangcheng grabbed the man’s feet and carried him upside down and began to run.After running for a while and swinging back and forth for a long time, the drowning man spat out the water in his stomach.After a while, the drowning man finally woke up, Lv Xiangcheng quickly asked his family to bring clean clothes for him to change.After changing his clothes, the man fell to his knees and thanked the two brothers loudly.Zheng Yongcheng heard the accent is not local, quickly asked what is going on.The drowning man replied that he was from Henan province and had come here to work. He got drunk and accidentally fell into the river.This said, Zheng Yongcheng had some doubts, because he did not smell the alcohol on the other side.Even stranger, the man’s clothes, which he had just changed, were stained with blood.The drowning man saw Zheng Yongcheng looking at his wet clothes and quickly explained that he cut his hand accidentally while making bamboo MATS.Zheng Yongcheng a look is really, this man’s hand there is a big wound, it seems to be bleeding outward.While talking in the beautiful manaoguan village, Lu Xiangcheng’s wife had made a bowl of hot noodles in soup. After the drowning man finished eating, his face immediately became better and he kept thanking him.After that, the man got up and was about to leave. Zheng Yongcheng thought a good man would do it in the end and asked to give him a ride.The man declined but had to agree.Mr. Zheng and Mr. Lu then took him by boat to the dock on the other side of the river, the village’s only outlet to National Highway 316.To help others save their lives, Zheng Yongcheng and Lv Xiangcheng were very happy.Two people just returned to the village, have not walked to the door, see the villager Cui Daoyou flustered over.Before Zheng Yongcheng spoke, Cui Daoyou said: “not good, somebody’s life, deng Qian Yan was killed in our village!”Zheng Yongcheng listened, trotted all the way to deng Qian Yan door.At this point, the house outside has been crowded with people, Zheng Yongcheng was not easy to squeeze in, see Deng Qian Yan covered with blood fell in the bedroom, has died.The murderer is very cruel, Deng Qian Yan was cut a lot of knives, even her two-year-old daughter was also cut into serious injuries, is on the way to the hospital.Agate view village location is remote, the villagers are very simple, how many years have not been so cruel things, who is the killer?Deng Qian Yan’s neighbor next to her said: “The bamboo carpenter Wang Kuisheng came from Henan.”Hearing this, Zheng Yongcheng immediately remembered the drowning just rescued.Because the village is very remote, there are few outsiders to come, the drowning man he saved just now is from Henan, and there is blood on his clothes, his face is in a panic…Don’t think about it. The guy named Wang Kuisheng should be the killer. He’s not far away yet.Too late to wait for the police to come over, Zheng Yongcheng immediately took Lv Xiangcheng out of the door, returned home to launch a motorcycle, to chase the murderer.Manaoguan village surrounded by mountains, from the dock on the other side of the river out of the village, is a winding 18 winding mountain road, very difficult to walk.Zheng yongcheng was on his motorcycle, with Lv xiangcheng sitting behind him. It was getting late, so they galloped up to catch up.Just see the bloody scene is still vividly remembered, think of themselves saved the murderer, Zheng Yongcheng too regret.All he could do was step on the gas and hope to catch up.However, as night falls, the mountain path is winding and narrow, so it is necessary to drive carefully during the day, let alone at night.Zheng Yongcheng at this time qi and blood upwelling, along the way several times almost rushed out of the guardrail, very dangerous.As he walked, he suddenly saw a figure in front of him. His heart beat faster and he stepped on the gas.The motorbike stopped in front of the figure, and they jumped off, flinging the man to the ground.Crushed on the ground of the people suddenly shouted: “Help ah, someone robbed ah!”Zheng Yongcheng listened, this is a local ah, wrong arrest!Roadside shop two people quickly get up to apologize, riding a motorcycle to continue to chase.After more than 40 miles of chase, there was still no sign of the man from Henan.The motorcycle came to a crossroads, two people in the distance to see a lighted grocery store, quickly to the boss to inquire about the situation.The boss said, just have a person who speak Henan dialect indeed, bought a bottle of beverage to take a bus to walk on the roadside.This is completely catch up, two people have no way, can only ride a motorcycle back.By this time the mountain road was completely covered with night, and it was raining lightly.They arrived in such a hurry that they were both shivering in single clothes.When there were still more than ten kilometers away from home, a truck suddenly came across the road, Zheng Yongcheng hurried on the side of the road to escape, but unexpectedly pressed a stone, the rain road slipped over the car.Had it not been for the roadside guardrail, they would have fallen into the ravine with their car.They lay on the side of the road for a while before slowly getting up, fortunately with minor bruises.The motorcycle broke down and they had to limp slowly home through the rain.The next day, they were all in bed with a fever.Lying on the bed of Zheng Yongcheng more want to feel more uncomfortable, in the heart hold a burst of anger, just can move, he went to the police station to inquire about the situation.The police told him that the police had registered the investigation, do not worry, the bad guys can not escape.Zheng yongcheng also understands that the police have their own procedures and methods for handling cases, and it is impossible to tell the villagers everything, so now they can only wait.But he can not wait, think of their own personally let go of the murderer, think of this person on the way to escape may hurt innocent, Zheng Yongcheng on conscience.After tossing and turning for a long time, Zheng sat up in bed and told his wife he wanted to catch the bad man.His wife also thought Zheng Yongcheng burned confused, immediately opposed, after all, the other party is a desperado, should be arrested by the police, a common people mixed what?But Zheng Yongcheng stubborn temper, let them go, must catch back, otherwise can’t sleep.Although his wife cried against him to go out, Zheng Yongcheng still found Lv Xiangcheng, two people set out to Henan.Wang Kuisheng, the bamboo craftsman, came to the village to work, once told some villagers that his family lived in Chao PI town, Zhenping County, Henan Province.The two men knew that Wang could not have waited at home to be caught, but they knew nothing but this clue.So, they went straight to chao Po town and inquired where Wang Kuisheng’s home was.The couple thought about rushing in to find someone, but when they calmed down, they realized that the police must have come to investigate and Wang could not be at home now.If the two of them broke in now, Wang kuisheng’s family would definitely be upset and might even call the police.So, the best thing to do is to sneak around in case Wang kui-sheng comes back.So they secretly observed the neighborhood for two days, but nothing.Zheng Yongcheng thought for a while, it is not the way to wait, or to knock on the door to explore the situation again.Hence, two people pretend to be the person who do business in other places, knock on the door and go in for a drink of saliva.The woman who opened the door was Wang Kuisheng’s wife. She was very wary of strangers, but she still let Zheng yongcheng and Zheng Yongcheng into the yard and gave each of them a bowl of water.Zheng yongcheng chatted with Wang Kuisheng’s wife while drinking water, saying that he was engaged in local specialty business. Although he also went everywhere, he made more money and had no problem with tens of thousands of yuan a year.Wang kuisheng’s wife seemed to be moved. Lu Xiangcheng quickly opened his bag and took out local specialties from his hometown, saying that it was possible to make money by trading local specialties between Hubei and Henan province.Zheng Yongcheng saw the time ripe, so said: “sister-in-law, if you believe us, let the eldest brother do it with us!”Wang’s wife looked pleased and said she would discuss the matter with the man when he returned.Zheng Yongcheng and Lv Xiangcheng took their leave and said they would come again in two days.Will Wang Kuisheng come back?No one knows.Zheng yongcheng had no choice but to sneak around. A week later, Wang kuisheng still hadn’t come back.Think about it, wang Kuisheng knew he had committed a murder, how could he just go home?Zheng Yongcheng two people more and more urgent, because they took the money quickly spent, and so on will beg for food.There was no way, Zheng Yongcheng gave a call to fellow cui Daoyou, let him bring some money to come quickly.Choi do-woo was also warm-hearted and rushed over without hesitation.Zheng Yongcheng thought that Wang Kuisheng knew himself and Lv Xiangcheng, but should not have seen Cui Daoyou.Therefore, he took Cui Daoyou to Wang Kuisheng’s home and said that Cui Daoyou was also in business together and was going to stay in Chao Po town for a few days, while he and Lv Xiangcheng had just received a phone call to go to Changsha to do a big business.If Wang kui-sheng comes back, he can go straight to town and find Cui Daoyou.No one expected that before long, Wang Kuisheng really secretly came back.He found Cui Daoyou, said willing to follow to do business.Cui daoyou then bought two tickets and took Wang Kuisheng to Changsha.As a result, the bus arrived at Xiangfan, and Cui Daoyou called Wang Kuisheng out of the bus for a reason.At this time, zheng Yongcheng and Lv Xiangcheng, who had been hiding in the station, suddenly rushed out and grabbed Wang Kuisheng and sent him to the police station.Wang Kuisheng was finally caught. He never thought that his rescuer had caught him.After a long trial, Wang finally confessed to the crime.Originally, Wang Kuisheng came to the agate view village Deng Qian Yan home work, understand deng Qian Yan’s husband outside work, home only mother and daughter two people, so the heart of evil read.He then raped and killed Deng Qianyan and slashed the two-year-old girl.Wang would have drowned that day, but for Zheng yongcheng’s rescue.Wang kuisheng was sentenced to death and executed on January 16, 2004.The story of Zheng Yongcheng and Lv Xiangcheng spread all over northwest Hubei province, and they were awarded the honorable title of “Advanced Individual for Good samaritans” by relevant departments.At the end of February 2004, the warm-hearted Zheng Yongcheng was elected director of the village committee. He told reporters that if he encountered such things again in the future, he would still manage them.