Ganzhou District West street small temple community to build a civilized city propaganda activities

2022-05-31 0 By

Ganzhou melt medium – a work to promote the national civilized city, further improve the majority of residents of the national civilized city to create awareness and participation, and form a good atmosphere of everyone to create civilized city, on February 17, ganzhou area small temple west street community joint area unit Gao Jincheng martyrs monument to create civilized city propaganda activities.During the activity, volunteers distributed garbage sorting brochures and garbage bags to residents, and explained civilization building knowledge to residents face to face, and proposed residents to support and participate in the civilized city building activities of our city, starting from little things, starting from the small things around, striving to be civilized, striving to do civilized things.This activity, further improve the knowledge of the inhabitants of civilization to create activities, reduce the distance and residents of the community, create good publicity atmosphere, at the same time improve the participation of the residents to create a working enthusiasm, make residents more profoundly realize that civilization is between the hands, let district residents take concrete actions to create the national civilized city to make their own contribution.