Cultural Winter Olympics | Winter Olympics Beijing song passion singing

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As the Spring Festival approaches, China and the Olympics will join hands once again. In Beijing and Zhang, both inside and outside the Great Wall, a world-renowned ice and snow pageant will open soon.The winter Olympics song “Snowflakes In Beijing”, written by the Beijing Opera House and officially released on Jan 29, uses Peking Opera to present a positive image of a sunny, prosperous and open China in the new era.”Beijing, snowflakes, patches are you and me he, we meet under the Great Wall, the five rings hand in hand yao Beijing” Winter Olympics Jingsong “Snowflakes in Beijing” beautiful melody, singing passion high, multi-industry, multi-genre singing to show the unique charm of Peking Opera music;Music MV will be the Forbidden City, Jingshan, Beihai and other cultural landmarks of Beijing axis into the symbols, fully highlights the cultural characteristics of Beijing;The “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed Skating Hall is dazzling in the sunshine, the 360-degree sleigh track is winding in the mountains, and the “Xueruyi” of the National Ski Jumping Center shows the Chinese wind from hearing to vision, demonstrating the grand temperament of a big country and the broad international mind in all directions, and is a wonderful interpretation and innovative expression of the Olympic spirit.According to the introduction, the Winter Olympics Jingge “Beijing Snowflakes” by the famous opera musician Zhu Shaoyu as artistic direction, by the Beijing Opera Theater president Liu Dong, young screenwriter Cui Xiaoju lyrics, young composer Qiao Xin composition, young arranger Dong Nan arrangement;By the national first-class actor, young Yang school famous Yang Shaopeng, national first-class actor, young Cheng school famous Guo Wei, national first-class actor, young old Dan famous Zhai Mo, national first-class actor, young Qiu school famous Fang Xu;By the jinghu master Zhao Xu as the jinghu performance, young player Liu Yang as the bangu performance, young player Wang Chaonan as the Jingerhu performance, national first-class player Cao Weijian as the yueqin performance.Beijing Quintessence of Chinese art Heritage promotion Association gave strong support to the creation of Jingge.Source client games publication | reporter Kong Ning editor Han Ye process editor Liu Weili