12 hours from the head of the field to the table, a “Shanghai green” security diary

2022-05-31 0 By

Hello everyone, I am a happy “Shanghai green”, the most common small green vegetable variety in East China. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, my vegetable brothers and sisters and I have become the leading actors in the supply protection.12 hours from farm to table, run with me!At five o ‘clock in the morning, farmers in Chongming, Shanghai, picked us from the fields.The plastic baskets were soon filled to the brim.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, we arrived at the processing plant, removed the residual leaves, weighed and packed, sealed and labeled.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, after the distribution of goods, we set off for the downtown of Shanghai.At 12 o ‘clock, we arrived at the vegetables and fruits warehouse of the fresh e-commerce platform for unloading, sampling and packaging.At 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, we took the cold chain car again to deliver goods to hundreds of front warehouses within the coverage area of the warehouse.At 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, we arrived at the front warehouse, one after another put on the shelves.The picker flies briskly through the rows of shelves, his scanning gun in his hand.At 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the food delivery boy carries a bulging bag of ingredients, shuttling through the streets, home delivery.After this 12-hour journey, I finally became the delicious taste of residents’ dinner, and completed the final mission as a green vegetable.At present, Shanghai’s battle against the epidemic has reached the most critical moment.From planting to harvesting to delivery home, we have come all the way behind the hard work and hard work of countless people day and night.We are doing our best to fight the epidemic.Source: Shangguan, Xinhua News Agency