Ultraman: Five monsters that can kill Ultraman in seconds

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When it comes to Ultraman, the first impression we get is that he is shocking and powerful.They save the earth and protect humanity, in our minds have been shaped like male gods.Said to save the earth naturally without monster, monster is one of the indispensable role in the ultraman, without these evil monster how can foil a powerful, altman since release altman is all some of the Ottoman fat beating little monsters, but some monster power can only be used to describe the terror, halo, if not the Ottoman with leadThe earth would have been ruled by monsters by now.But today I’m going to talk to you about five monsters with the power to kill Ultraman in seconds.The first one: Ampera star people ampera star people known as the whole universe dark dominator, representative must kill the ray of Rezolim, just appeared directly is to one of the two overwhelming offensive, more horrible is also directly a move to the body of The instant collapse of Mengbius.But the leading role halo of Altman is too dazzling, not handsome how long is defeated by Mengbius phoenix form and Zuo Fei together, what is worth paying attention to is, he is the direct second drop of Mengbius under the circumstance of few enemies.The second:Baal and tan jie er tiga altman ultimate boss in TV, known as “dark at the mercy of the” big, she is over 100 meters tall, strong defense force, can’t hurt, never in tiga altman, avoid the various output of tiga damage in the TV, nor even a strong form tiga injury exists, finally a through light and plunder the tiga light directly,And turn Dicja straight into a statue.The third:Diablo super warcraft di moje e di moje eritrea is from one of the first four big dark giants thirty million card honey pull absorbed super ancient are the ruins of the dark and baal with tan jie urban resentment into diablo ultra warcraft di moje eritrea, just play and tiga altman zai paley ao and the light of a wave of collision, the tiga directly to the Ottoman instant kill, make completely lose the light.Had it not been for a miraculous reappearance, the warriors sleeping in the ruins of the superancient civilization gave the light to The shining Dija, and it is estimated that Dija would have no chance of winning.Fourth:Jaden Jaden you can also call it “cosmic dinosaur Zaton” you may feel strange to hear this name, but it is the first monster to defeat Ultraman since the release of Ultraman. As the final boss of the original Ultraman, its strength is questioned by the mother. In the battle with the original,Early generation can use hard didn’t also won’t cause any real damage to it, but use \ light, run out whole body energy to jay, just use the energy shield light light down to the block, and return it to the original, easy at the beginning of the generation of defeat, the powerful friends should be able to imagine it.Fifth: Telante Telante can be said to be a concentration of the strongest parts of many monsters set out of the super monster.Even in Showa’s time, it’s hard to find a rival monster, so you can imagine how strong it must be.He easily defeated Zoffie at Uranus, and then exhausted the remaining four Otters on various planets.Finally came to the earth, to a wave of six pick super battle, but as the leading role of Telo has OTT bracelet support, double fist difficult enemy four hands, Telante narrowly lost, but you think about it, can put OTT five brothers almost group annihilation of the monster, is not the existence of super monsters in the monster world.