“The Taotie Are Stuffed in showbiz,” “After his secret Marriage to Ding Liu.”

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The first: “taotie in the entertainment circle to eat support” author: mint cat brief comment: Taotie ginger wear a entertainment circle article of the cannon fodder female match body.According to the plot, she will fail to frame her, black material, depression and death.But hungry for ten thousand years she did not care, just want to eat, did not expect to eat, eat into the top flow.This article is humorous writing style, the plot is relaxed and interesting, people set bright and special, the depiction is exquisite and vivid.To gluttoneat and ferocious characteristics of the collision with the entertainment circle, the Angle is novel and unique, full reversal, not only high-energy funny story, male and female interaction is also very warm, is a good article of imagination and warmth, worth reading.The second book: “and after the top liu Hidden marriage” author: Meng Li