The 24 solar terms contain a national endless password

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February 4 is the start of spring in The Chinese lunar calendar.At 8 p.m., the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics kicks off in the Bird’s Nest.Surprisingly, the countdown to the opening ceremony chose 24 solar terms to echo the 24th Winter Olympic Games.Counting down from 24, the solar term starts with rain water and ends with Start of Spring.”From the very first second, there was a definition of Chinese culture.”Throughout the performance, the beginning of Spring elements rich, filled with a full of vitality.The snowflakes flying all over the sky, create a “thousands of trees, pear blossom” scenery, conveying the message of “overnight spring breeze”.Start of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring.Chinese people have an unusual preference for spring, and spring culture has a long history.On the day of The start of Spring, scholars of all dynasties left many masterpieces and the people sang countless proverbs.The excitement of the Winter Olympics and the anticipation of spring blended perfectly on a night destined to go down in Olympic history.This is a winter Olympics with the opening of spring, will also open another spring in the history of the Winter Olympics.Choosing 24 solar terms is a stroke of genius.The 24 solar terms are a knowledge system and social practice formed by ancient Chinese people through observing the annual movement of the sun and recognizing the changes in seasons, climate, phenology and other aspects of the year.The more modern science develops, the more we lament the wisdom of the ancients, under the historical conditions at that time, forming such a complete system that is in accordance with the natural law and can be used to guide practice, how great it is.The concept of harmony between man and nature, the attitude of living in harmony with nature, and the scientific spirit of exploring natural laws are all embodied in the 24 solar terms.In the international meteorological community, the 24 solar terms are known as “China’s fifth invention” and were officially included in UNESCO’s Representative List of intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016.The Chinese civilization has been enduring for more than 5,000 years. In the course of its long-term evolution, it has formed a unique value system, cultural connotation and spiritual quality in which the Chinese people view the world, society and life.If we say that the “24 History” has recorded the Chinese civilization, which has never been interrupted in the world, and preserved the continuous spiritual blood for future generations, then the 24 solar terms are an important code to solve this phenomenon-level puzzle.”The start of summer mulberry fruit like cherry, Xiaoman silkworm and farming.Grain in Ear seedlings put before the court, summer solstice rice such as white practice;Minor heat wind rush early beans ripe, major heat pool side red lotus……”It is because of the appearance and improvement of the 24 solar terms that agricultural production provides quite scientific guidance. Despite disasters, frequent wars, and people’s suffering and displacement, China in the agricultural civilization period can still raise a large number of people and thrive for thousands of years.With the deepening of human on the natural law to master, especially in China to speed up the urbanization and the development of modern agricultural technology, fade out the guiding function of the 24 solar terms for farming, but what is undeniable is that everyone in the contemporary Chinese life, 24 solar terms still has an irreplaceable cultural meaning and social function.For example, the beginning of Spring, the beginning of a New Year, all vientiane renewal, meaning unstoppable new power, contains the future of hope.The scenery line is good, and the clouds look new.After the baptism of ice and snow, the earth gradually warms up, and all things that fought with the cold winter begin to recover, and the leafy grass is green and full of flowers.Winter Olympic athletes are not so?They’ve been waiting four years for this moment.Four years of boring training and injuries.Thousands of times of repetition may only be a more standard action, thousands of days and nights of adherence to the heart of the unyielding belief.Once the Curtain of the Winter Olympics opens, they will glow with high morale and fearless spirit, putting together their long-accumulated strength to bloom their best in the Winter Olympics.The Chinese people are hardworking and talented, and the Chinese culture is extensive and profound.The move of the 24 solar terms to the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is a tribute to our wise ancestors, but also a deep cultural confidence.We have every reason to be confident and confident. “From now on, Yang Chun should have feet and flowers and riches and grass spirit.”(Originally titled “24 Solar terms, contains the password of a nation’s endless growth and growth” by Jia Liang, Beijing Evening News)