Shanghai Puxi containment “more assured” : Wusong Dock not to stop, community pilot “sampling car”

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The Paper senior reporter Zhang Hui Chief reporter Chen Si Si senior reporter Li Jia Wei Senior reporter Chen Yixin reporter Yu Kai Deng Lingwei April 1, Shanghai Puxi district into lockdown mode, involving 16 million people, 12 districts nucleic acid screening in full operation.Following the first batch of screening in Pudong, Punan and other areas, this batch involves a larger number of people, a larger scope of control, and more complex situations.In response, Shanghai said it would work hard to improve the weak links, constantly improve prevention and control measures, and jointly protect our homeland.On the first day of puxi nucleic acid screening, the process of nucleic acid testing was improved and the time needed was shortened.Docking medical needs, unblocked first aid channels, treatment without delay;With domestic living services and foreign trade, Multi-faceted Shanghai tries its best to play every role.A press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work was held on Thursday, focusing on issues such as medical treatment and temporary custody of the elderly and children in locked-in areas.To help the elderly carry out nucleic acid testing registration, and assist in food delivery and distribution of daily necessities;The adult infection in the family is transferred to the treatment, to provide “bottom” service, to ensure that the child is cared for, someone to take care of.Freeze every frame, we see a more determined, calm Shanghai.Spring breeze has letter, flowers bloom, the day that Shanghai hopes will come as expected.A new round of nucleic acid testing has been carried out in Puxi area, and the process has been improved round by round.On April 1, ( reporters’ on-site experience and interview found that there were more volunteers, nucleic acid screening was more orderly, and residents were more and more cooperative;Yellow stickers on 2-meter lines and the addition of mobile sampling vehicles also improve the “experience degree” of detection.In Zhuanqiao town, Minhang district, volunteers drove a combined “mobile sampling vehicle” to residents’ downstairs.In a community in Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, volunteers drove a “mobile sampling vehicle” composed of “electric three-wheel, small table and white white” to the residents downstairs, and the residents who were called to the door number lined up for sampling.This “baymax moving, residents do not move” way, reduce the crowd, also reduce the waiting time in line.Lu Liang, a drama actor who lives in the community, said that this is the eighth nucleic acid test he has received since the outbreak. “This upgrade is’ mechanized ‘, with the testers sitting on the bus. We basically finished the nucleic acid test at the door of our house.In addition to the “mobile sampling vehicle”, the optimization of more details makes the flow of nucleic acid testing team smooth and orderly.Ground yellow line “guard good 2 meters line, guard good health line” eye-catching slogan.Ground yellow line “guard good 2 meters line, guard good health line” eye-catching slogan.At a nucleic acid testing office in Huangpu District, a staff member changes a cardboard box to “brighten” a QR code.Residents put their mobile phones into cardboard boxes to make it easier to scan codes for registration.Staff homemade carton, “bright” registration QR code.The staff made cardboard boxes and “lit up” the QR code for registration.In many communities, the “one meter line” of nucleic acid testing was changed to 2 meters apart. Volunteers “Baymax” guided residents in building units and conducted tests in batches on time to avoid gathering and crossing.In the new round of nucleic acid screening, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, in accordance with the deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Prevention and Control Office, gave full play to the advantages of “science and technology plus manpower” to help ensure that no one was left behind by nucleic acid screening.Continuous optimization and improvement of prevention and control measures, so that more orderly and efficient communities become visible.Continuous optimization and improvement of prevention and control measures, so that more orderly and efficient communities become visible.At a press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work held on April 1, Zeng Qun, deputy director of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, said that Shanghai has extensively collected opinions and suggestions from the public, summed up good experiences and practices of the community in a timely way, and put forward guidelines for community epidemic prevention and control and management to improve the existing weak links.A staff member came to dispense medicine for the fever.A staff member came to dispense medicine for the fever.Drugstore staff are on duty 24 hours a day, and hospital emergency treatment should not be delayed any moment. Medical needs should be connected with hospital emergency treatment, and medical staff, community workers, volunteers, and public security police jointly ensure the unimpeded green channel.Wu Ganyu, a first-level inspector of the Municipal Health Commission, introduced at a press conference on April 2 that all emergency medical institutions at all levels in the city had been opened under the premise of standardized epidemic prevention.A docking mechanism between communities and medical institutions has been established in all districts, and special personnel and special classes have been set up to smooth access to medical treatment.The neighborhood committees of each village collected the needs of key groups such as radio-chemotherapy, hemodialysis and pregnant women, and cooperated with the hospitals determined by each district health commission to ensure the medical security in the closed and controlled areas.In common people big pharmacy Jiang an road store, pharmacist Zhang Yan stationed shop fast 10 days.The pharmacy maintained 24-hour service during the pandemic.Common people big pharmacy Jiang ‘an road store pharmacist Zhang Yan.The paper news reporter Li Jia Wei map common people pharmacy Jiang an road store pharmacist Zhang Yan.At 12 o ‘clock on The night of March 31, the store just received a batch of goods, including lianhua qingwen, radix isatidis, disinfection supplies, and common medicines for chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, as well as many vitamin products. “These are the drugs that residents buy most recently.”During the lockdown period, residents did not leave their homes, and volunteers, police and community workers came to buy medicines for residents from time to time.Zhang yan and her colleagues have also applied for a pass and will deliver medicine to the community as soon as possible after knowing the needs of surrounding residents.”They say what medicine they want, leave their address, and we deliver the medicine to the door of the community and give it to the volunteers in the community, who deliver the medicine to the residents.”Zhang yan said that she and her colleagues delivered a total of 30 or 40 orders from 6 am to 16 am on April 1. “We needed a lot of drugs for heart disease, and we also delivered them urgently.”Just that morning, Zhang Yan delivered instant life-saving pills to an old man in his 90s.”When I received a phone call today, I could immediately tell that the old man was very worried. He thought he still had medicine. When I opened it this morning, I found it was an empty box.””Medicines for heart disease and high blood pressure should not be cut off, but must be available when needed,” Zhang said.She rushed to the old man needed quick relief pills, the old man moved to tears.Despite puxi’s lockdown, time is life for critically ill patients, and there is no time to delay.On this day, ruijin Hospital opened various specialized departments and rescue rooms as usual. MAO Enqiang, director of emergency Department, and colleagues were also on duty at the front line.Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., a total of 14 ambulances arrived, including patients with cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory diseases.Every critically ill patient who comes to the hospital will be treated as soon as possible on the basis of proper flow monitoring and temperature measurement.MAO enqiang and colleagues from the emergency department participated in case discussion.MAO enqiang and colleagues from the emergency department participated in case discussion.There was a 28-year-old fracture patient who had fractured his lower leg as a result of trauma from a fall.As he was not accompanied by family members, nurses and staff handled the procedure on his behalf.Under the complex situation of the epidemic, frontline emergency medical staff are facing great pressure.According to MAO, more than 30 emergency doctors and 50 key nurses volunteered to stay in the hospital. They ate, lived and slept in offices and conference rooms, ensuring the strength of emergency treatment.At the same time, they set up an emergency blood purification team, and immediately send medical staff for treatment as long as there is an urgent need in the six medical areas of emergency treatment, all of which lay a solid foundation for the unblocked green channel of emergency treatment.Wusong wharf did not “shut down”, distribution of “little brother” to send food to households Wusong wharf did not “shut down”, distribution of “little brother” to send food to households living 16 million people in puxi area, is an important part of Shanghai;The world’s largest trading port city is a key to Shanghai’s three-dimensional identity.Internally and externally, the ship of this city is still moving because so many ordinary people are standing firm.On the morning of April 1, Wusong Customs completed puxi containment after the first batch of export inspection operations.This batch of goods are alloy steel forgings declared for export by an enterprise in Jiangsu province in the way of national customs integration.On April 1, Wusong Customs completed a batch of export steel inspection on the morning of the first day of puxi’s containment.Wusong dock is Shanghai’s most important bulk cargo import and export port, because of the advance organization of the business line personnel “closed” in the post, the import and export business here did not shut down.In March this year, Wusong Customs has completed 17,000 batches of import and export cargo supervision, cumulative supervision of bulk goods amounted to 2.385 million tons.On the road near The Global Port in Putuo District, Ding Dong Maicai delivery man Chen Jian is busy on a moped.Delivery man Chen Jian is on his way to deliver food.Chen Jian, a deliveryman, is on his way to deliver food.Today, he is considered “the freest man and the most difficult to date,” with a key card that allows him to get in and out of his neighborhood.Chen now delivers more than 100 orders a day, twice as many as before.The heaviest vegetable alone has more than 50 jin, plus drinking water, it is even heavier.”In fact, users can not eat food, we are also anxious, everyone is working hard.”Chen Jian worked around the clock every day without a day’s rest.He saw that the people running on the road were mostly peers.Chen jian returned to Shanghai from his hometown in Shanxi Province on March 25, when the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai was already serious.In early March, he went back to his hometown to visit his family.A few days later, he heard that There was an epidemic in Shanghai and there was a shortage of delivery workers, so he always wanted to come back to help.In order to ensure that he would not be quarantined after returning to Shanghai, he planned a route back to Shanghai that was free of the virus.It took him three trains and a whole day to get there.It was evening when he returned to Shanghai. In order to be able to work the next day, he hurried to have nucleic acid done.Chen jian was asked why he came back when he could have worked in other cities.He said: “I have been in Shanghai for many years, I love Shanghai, since the site needs me now, I will come to help, I feel bitter also bitter these days, through these days, we will win!”Source: The Paper